The Airbus DS site of Lampoldshausen plays a vital role in the development and production of the Orion ESM. It is the European competence centre for orbital propulsion systems.


For completion of the Propulsion Qualification Module (PQM) a large package of valves recently was delivered to OHB in Sweden. They are currently being integrated. PQM delivery is planned right infor the beginning of 2017. The following vales were delivered to the PQM team:

·         6 x Back Relief Valve (BRV)

·         4 x Auxiliary Branch Isolation Valve (ABIV)

·         4 x Reaction Control System Branch Isolation Valve (RBIV)

In the run up to the delivery the Lampoldshausen team prepared the 3D imagery of the valves, so that the colleagues in Sweden could prepare the casing in advance and ensure the integration of the valves as soon as they arrived on site.