Meet Kelvin Yabut

Station Manager for Station 20 Final Phase
Airbus in the US

Kelvin Yabut

The U.S. Manufacturing Site and Kelvin Yabut Take Flight

In the hustle and bustle at Airbus’ U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Kelvin Yabut, Station Manager for Station 20 Final Phase; stands out as a testament of growth and dedication. His journey at Airbus began in 2014 and has seen him move to various roles and stations along the final assembly line. Kelvin is no stranger to the aircraft manufacturing process.  

Kelvin studied electrical engineering and his career path led him into aerospace manufacturing, where he has since taken on roles including team lead, manufacturing engineer, and now station manager. Prior to beginning his first position at Station 40 on the A320 assembly line, where calibration and connection of the wings occur along with the installation of major parts including main landing gear, nose landing gear and pylons; Kelvin was sent to the Airbus manufacturing site in Hamburg, Germany, to receive specialized training for his role. Kelvin’s path wasn’t just about moving up the ranks — it was about becoming proficient in every aspect of aircraft manufacturing.

Reflecting on his time in Hamburg and Mobile, Kelvin notes the similarities in processes and also the cultural differences. “They really work hard and really take their breaks,” he chuckles. He also notes the difference in the size of the sites – the Airbus Hamburg site is similar in size to the downtown area in Mobile. Hamburg both assembles and manufactures airplane parts, whereas the Mobile site is primarily assembly-oriented. Although the Mobile site is significantly younger, it is rapidly expanding, with the second A320 final assembly line scheduled to open in 2025.

Looking ahead, Kelvin anticipates the challenge and reward of the second A320 assembly line’s launch. “Recruiting talent can be a challenge, but our FlighPath9 program helps us to develop our own workforce, which is very important.”

Beyond technical challenges, Kelvin finds the cultural fabric of Airbus particularly refreshing. 

We have a good culture here because we are very diverse.

He also values Airbus’ speak up culture, which fosters direct communication from the shop floor to upper management, a rarity in many industries. When asked about the biggest lesson he has learned over the decade he has been at the company, Kelvin says that “it is to have integrity. I would say that 100% of the people here have integrity in their work. They always do the right thing no matter the person and I’m really proud of that… Don’t be afraid to raise your hand.”

For those aspiring to join Airbus, Kelvin advises to “be open-minded, embrace learning, and uphold integrity.” His own mentor played a pivotal role in shaping his approach, teaching him not just the technical skills but also the critical importance of proactive communication and quality assurance.