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At Airbus Logistik, our people are at the core of our success. 

Join our dynamic team and discover rewarding career opportunities in aerospace logistics. Whether you're a logistics coordinator, process engineer, forklift driver, or dispatch operator, there's a place for you here. Together, we drive innovation and excellence, shaping the future of air transportation

With exciting challenges, ongoing development opportunities, and a supportive culture, Airbus Logistik offers the perfect environment for you to thrive and grow in your career.

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What we do

Airbus Logistik GmbH, founded in December 2020 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, specialises in the logistical supply of the final assembly lines in Hamburg, Tianjin (China) and Mobile (USA). We ensure the flow of materials for the final assembly of the A320 family. Our task is to deliver the right components to the right place at the right time - a responsibility that we take on with the utmost precision and efficiency. 

The central role we play at the Hamburg site underlines the importance of this location as the Group-wide centre for the A320 programme. This strategic positioning enables us not only to support the worldwide final assembly lines, but also to make a decisive contribution to the global success story of Airbus. 

Our job profiles


Immerse yourself in the world of logistics at Airbus and find out more about the diverse opportunities we have for you.

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Goods receipt specialist(D/M/F)

A goods receipt specialist records and books parts in goods receipt, processes customs goods, maintains warehouse data, labels and prepares goods. They also act as a contact person for order processing and irregularities.

Forklift Driver (D/M/F)

Our forklift drivers are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of materials using forklifts, depending on the focus including loading and unloading, storing or providing goods.

Pick and Prepare Operator (D/M/F)

Scanning, counting, labelling - our Pick and Prepare Operators put together different goods from a picking list. Depending on the focus, these are small or large parts.

Dispatch Operator (D/M/F)

Our Dispatch Operators have different focus areas, e.g. preparation, handling or administration of goods. Depending on the focus they operate forklifts, cranes, they pack boxes or containers. In this area you also find specialists for customs processes and for handling dangerous goods on the different transport ways to overseas. 

Module Creation Operator(D/M/F)

Our Module Creation Operators create load carriers according to specifications by consolidating goods into delivery units, which can then be made available to the construction sites as needed.

Production Supply Operators (D/M/F)

Our Production Supply Operators deliver all the material to the various construction sites of the various production lines by forklift. They are experienced forklift drivers, on the move just-in-time and move around our large factory in Finkenwerder routinely.

Driver (D/M/F)

Truck and delivery van drivers in 2 shifts drive our large and small parts reliably and safely on short routes in the south of Hamburg. Their tasks also include loading and unloading and securing loads.

Dispatcher (D/M/F)

Our dispatchers plan, coordinate and optimise our truck tours, record key figures, process complaints and take care of the return of empties.

Logistics Coordinator (D/M/F)

Our colleagues in the control centre and in customer support solve special challenges that can arise along the supply chain.

Process engineers and logistics planners (D/M/F)

Our process engineers and logistics planners describe, analyse and optimise our logistics processes. In this way, they contribute, among other things, to the harmonisation and increase in efficiency of our processes. 

Support Functions

We actively support our operational colleagues in the areas of quality management, performance management, facility management, human resources and finance.


What we offer

As an independent logistics company within the Airbus Group, we not only offer fascinating insights into the world of logistics at Airbus, but also attractive working conditions.

Monetary benefits

- Remuneration according to contract logistics tariff (TV KL)
- Special benefits including travel allowance for the Deutschlandticket
- Profit sharing
- Employee share programme

Social benefits

- Various employee benefits
- Development prospects
- Attractive company pension

Health & recreation

- Plannable working hours
- 30 vacation days per year & days off for special occasions
- Health-related services
- Sports offer EGYM WELLPASS

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Discover the world of logistics at Airbus at our sites in the south of Hamburg. 

With our sites in Waltershof (Skyhub, Am Genter Ufer 8), Hausbruch (DC7, Georg-Heyken-Straße 1) and Finkenwerder (Kreetslag 10), we ensure the final step in the supply chain for aircraft assembly.