Live Our Way

Living the Airbus life means a lot to us. Read our manifesto of Values we believe in.

  • We feel, act and behave as one large family – We Are One – and create an engaging and inclusive workplace that favours well-being, fun and trust to drive team work.
  • We partner with our customers to deliver valuable and sustainable solutions together.
  • Our reliability drives our competencies and mindset to deliver on time, on cost and on quality.
  • We treat each other and all stakeholders as we wish to be treated: with respect, embracing diversity.
  • We are curious, courageous, passionate, open-minded and recognize creativity at all levels.
  • We act with integrity and take appropriate consequences to eradicate unethical and non-compliant behaviours.


To read more, visit Our Values page.


Balance For Business

Employee-led initiatives. 

Gender Balance

BFB Gender Balance Chapters

WoMen Networks across Airbus engage and empower talent through mentorship programs, leadership development, coaching and sponsorship. We also engage in outreach programs around STEM, intercompany networking and much more!



Airbus is committed to ensuring an open and inclusive environment to members of the LGBTQ+ community in order for each person to feel respected and valued in their place of work. The company actively supports the Pride@Airbus employee network.

Geography-based ERG

Airbus Africa Community

The Airbus Africa Community is a place for people with Africa close to their heart, a meeting place of talent and skills, sharing Airbus Values and a great way to connect with what Africa has to offer.

Somos: the Latinx face of Airbus

Hola! We are Somos, the Airbus Latinx Employee Resource Group. The community fosters a sense of 'familia' at Airbus by raising awareness on the Latin American region & cultures.



Gen-A is a voluntary spontaneous network of Airbus people, organizing different professional and social events across all the Airbus sites, sharing lots of useful information for the newcomers, actions and events, discussions on a bunch of different topics, and even more!


Senior Talent Expertise & Potential (STEP)

The Senior Talent Expertise & Potential (STEP) network aims at engaging with employees at all levels, raising awareness and educating on the perception regarding age. The STEP community strives to empower and engage all employees by harnessing expertise and potential irrespective of where we stand on the age spectrum.

Cognitive Diversity

My Gifted Network

My Gifted Network addresses the giftedness inclusion in the workplace. This community aims to offer added-value and disruptive solutions based on cognitive diversity.


+Emotional Energy@Work

+Emotional Energy@Work aims at exploring the role that emotions play at work. The objective is to raise awareness about emotional intelligence.

Workplace Sports

BFB Sports&Wellness

Regular exercise has an impact on wellbeing and performance that cannot be understated. With BFB Sports&Wellness, we have the opportunity to meet, have fun, and support each other through employee-led workout, running, yoga, basketball, volleyball sessions... All this within our campuses & facilities.

Airbus Foundation
Youth development and humanitarian missions at our heart.

Airbus Foundation is at the heart of Airbus, committed to bringing together the products and people of our global aerospace company to help address the challenges of today's society. We support the work of disaster relief and emergency responders and inspire the next generation as they prepare to embrace their future.



Inclusive Excellence Everyday at Airbus.


Strategic Academic Partnerships

Bringing industry and education together, our Strategic Academic Partnerships connect a global network of universities to develop engineering and technology specialists of the future.

Each Strategic Academic Partnership is supported by a campus team comprised of an Employment Marketing Manager and several Airbus employees acting as the company’s ambassadors.

Airbus GEDC Diversity Award
Airbus GEDC Diversity Award

Airbus is a corporate member of the Global Engineering Deans Council. GEDC members are individuals responsible for setting the agenda for higher education in engineering in their countries and universities. 

The Airbus GEDC Diversity Award is a joint initiative which recognizes individuals and programmes that have succeeded in increasing diversity amongst the engineering student body worldwide. Launched in 2012, the award is now in its 7th Year and aims to shine a light on successful projects that inspire students from all profiles and backgrounds to study and succeed in engineering. 

Elles bougent, women in engineering partnership
Elles bougent

Airbus is an equal opportunity employer and aims to hire a minimum of 20% women across all divisions annually. We work in partnership with Elles bougent and are focusing efforts on facilitating access for women in areas where they are currently underrepresented.

To help achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive range of activities to promote jobs in aeronautics and space to women. These initiatives include site visits, airshow tours and events that allow to increase awareness among female employees and reinforce the attractiveness of the aerospace industry to them. The events include forums, conferences and seminars organized by educational institutions (for example the Summer School of the International Institute of Women in Engineering).