My experience in the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) as an intelligence officer sparked my interest in pursuing a career related to aircraft, satellites, and services. I’m proud to be a part of Airbus Defence and Space in Korea.

Moon Jung graduated from Calvin University in the United States with a Bachelor of Arts in business, and a minor in architecture and psychology. He also served in the Republic of Korea Air Force, where he acquired technical knowledge on related aircraft, studying the latest technologies and developments. 

In 2019, he joined Airbus as a sales representative for services related to military aircraft and was given the opportunity to work within an international environment. “It was fun working with my colleagues based in our office in Spain. As a multi-national company with a presence in many countries, the international landscape allows us to appreciate different cultures and ways of working. Even though we are not based in the same location, we can always rely on each other for support in achieving our goals.”

Just a few years later Moon had an exciting opportunity to join the team working on space programmes. “It was a rare opportunity to move from working on military aircraft. We hear a lot about activities in the space sector and there is great momentum to grow space capabilities globally,” says Moon. 

Today, as Business Development Manager for Airbus Defence and Space Korea, Moon is involved in space system campaigns in the Korean space market for both commercial and military aircraft. He has also been involved in the services sales campaigns for the ROKAF and Korea Coast Guard. “It took quite a concerted effort to study space systems and understand the terminologies and the customers. I am grateful for great mentors at work (both local and abroad) who are responsive and supportive,” states Moon.

One and a half years into his current role, Moon is still fascinated and excited with each project that comes along. “Space programmes are intertwined and what we decide to do with each campaign has a knock-on impact on the following campaigns. I enjoy seeing how each satellite and constellation complement each other.”

Moon Jung, Business Development Manager at Airbus Defence and Space Korea.

Moon Jung, Business Development Manager at Airbus Defence and Space Korea.

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