Passion for aerospace - Justin’s career path can be traced to his childhood. Having grown up in the greater Hamburg area, which is host to the headquarters for Airbus Commercial Aircraft in Germany and where the A320 Family programme is overseen, Justin witnessed the aeronautic industry first-hand. His early exposure to Airbus’ activities along with his keen interest in video games and information technology eventually led him to pursue a career in information systems at Airbus.

Why did you decide to enrol in a work-study programme at Airbus?

I was convinced that having the possibility to apply theoretical knowledge directly in a practical environment was the perfect start to the professional career. Airbus was to me, an example of a multi-cultural success story that delivered amazing products to its customers and I wanted to be part of that journey. 

How did you come upon this opportunity?

As I grew up in the greater Hamburg area, Airbus was already present to me from a young age. I also had some older friends who took part in the work-study programme at company. After I graduated from school, I chose a programme that combined my interests, and would enable me to be part of a multi-national company leading the way in the aerospace sector. 

Why did you decide to pursue a career in information systems (IS)? 

Influenced by my older brother, I was already drawn to computer technologies as a child. Starting with my fascination with video games, I eventually became interested in the technology behind computers and decided to opt for a future-shaping sector. 

What does your role of Industrial Cyber Security Plant Analyst entail? 

I am the local focal point for Industrial Cyber Security topics in Hamburg. This means I act as the "bridge" between central cyber security teams and local stakeholders. I have to be aware of local requirements and embed cyber security as seamlessly as possible into operating processes to ensure business continuity. 

Any memorable or key moments since you joined Airbus? 

1. Airbus during the corona pandemic. It was/is fascinating to me how well and united Airbus was able to cope with the pandemic - a major crisis that hit the aircraft industry at its very heart. 

2. Simple moments, like driving to work and having an aircraft start in parallel on the airfield of Airbus Hamburg. Or when everybody on the bus on site shortly holds on from scrolling through the news to watch an A380 or BelugaXL land. 

Any fun experiences you would like to share?

Working at Airbus taught me to have coffee break conversations in multiple languages.

Image of Justin Möhlmann

Justin's Career Path at Airbus

Industrial Cyber Security Plant Analyst 

Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Hamburg, Germany


Image of Recep Nuri Arbursu, Project Manager for Business Improvement & Digitalization

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Recep Nuri Arbursu shares an insider's view of IT opportunities in digital transformation.

Recep Nuri Arbursu, Project Manager for Business Improvement & Digitalisation at Airbus Aerostructures shares an insider's view of IT opportunities in digital transformation. In the podcast, "IT Transformation Is Not a One-Way Street" he shares how project managers with an affinity for IT are specifically chosen to define and implement the tools and strategies needed at the world's third largest aircraft plant in Hamburg, Germany. Many aircrafts are produced and delivered all over the world, and Airbus plans to increase this figure to 75 by 2025. Tune in to hear Nuri explain how he and his colleagues align to reach this goal.

*Please note, the podcast is in German.

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