Delivering connectivity to customers around the globe, Airbus is the European leading provider of secure communications services, bringing together the most comprehensive satellite communications bandwidth and the best-in-class capabilities for network and cloud services and solutions.

As a trusted and reliable partner for 38 Armed Forces and Governments from across the globe, Airbus’ proven experience and expertise spanning over 40 years in managing everything from satellite communications  and network operations to in-field support services.


Meeting the challenges of the future battlespace

One of the most important demands facing national and alliance defence forces today is achieving information superiority on land, in the air, at sea and in space which includes cybersecurity. As situations become more complex and the pace of operations continues to increase, fast, adaptive and pragmatic systems are required. The system architecture  must therefore be flexible, adaptable to the operational environment and suitably robust – all while focusing on security and protection of information.


A portfolio with interoperability at the heart

Airbus is working, together with its customers, to guarantee and achieve Multi-Domain Smart Connectivity.  Improving interoperability, resilience and sovereignty using adaptable solutions with the customers mission in mind.




Ensuring time and mission critical communication services

Securely and reliably connecting all assets together with the rest of your operations, giving you communications superiority.

Airbus offers an unequalled breath of experience in both satellite, ground and hybrid networks, we deliver capabilities tailored to your needs, beginning with upstream collaboration on defining and understanding the requirements, creating comprehensive roadmaps and system definition, followed by implementation, operation and support.


Building a transparent eco-system

Our solutions are highly cost-effective due to our established relationships and partnerships with suppliers of industry leading systems and hardware – including off-the-shelf and civilian equipment that are customised to your required security level.

Our Integrated end to end solutions and services improve our customers’ ability to prosecute effective command and control and increase the speed of their decision-making cycle.


Global projects with local teams

24/7 support in more than 160 countries, hundreds of ground stations including 200 fixed and deployed stations for the French Armed Forces in the Comcept broadband communications system, along with some 600 ground terminals for Germany’s SATCOMBw satellite network. On behalf of the UK MOD, we operate and manages services for a fleet of six spacecraft, in which these services are also available to other NATO and allied governments to augment their existing services.



Speed and agility without compromise

In today’s world, defence organisations are evaluating and implementing cloud technology to achieve innovative power and information superiority. The security and privacy of data across your private, public and hybrid clouds presents a challenge. Transforming the speed and agility with which they can collect and distribute data, and generate actionable insights from this data, is key in this respect.


Secure and seamless services for true interoperability

To allow your critical applications to operate to their full potential, Airbus integrates the latest commercial technologies together with our experience delivering security and resilience. We deliver an interoperable framework of solutions that brings you value and securely protects your network against loss of service and data. Our highly-skilled teams also bring extensive experience in both Command and Control and Communications software.

Through the intelligent orchestration of information and network services, we enable a fast response to emerging situations and ensure that you have the information and capabilities that you need, when you need them.



Maximise performance and ensure data security

Within the communications infrastructure, this means understanding the real-time capacity and quality for each potential communications line, then adjusting traffic flows and carriers to achieve optimum services. This is achieved by overall orchestration with service and policy parameters for the underlying systems. Airbus can provide a software solution providing end-to-end, accurate and efficient network probes interfaced with a network orchestrator to drive routing decisions in hybrid multi-bearer networks based on predefined policies.


Future proof without compromising performance and efficiency

Addressing the need for efficient and dynamic management, orchestration, and security, we bring together previously disparate networks and IT systems to maximise performance, ensure data security and providing dynamic traffic management. It enables high interoperability of both legacy and contemporary architectures as well as supporting digitalised broadband applications and services, all protected with an end-to-end security chain. Our solutions deliver secure multi-network connectivity across different types of networks whether wired or wireless, and whether airborne, on the ground, at sea or in the space segment. Using the latest cloud-based technologies within deployed or constrained environments we are able to expedite your operations.



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