At Airbus, we believe in transparent disclosure of environmental, social and governance issues relating to our business. Browse this space to download or view related documents, policies, reports, and more.


Our ambition includes a strong engagement on reducing our major environmental impacts, taking a life cycle perspective for sustainable Airbus business and growth.

Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Management System certificates

ISO 14001:2015 Airbus SAS

ISO 14001:2015 Airbus (Tianjin) Final Assembly Company Limited - TIANJIN

ISO 14001:2015 Airbus (China) Enterprise Management and Services Company Limited / Airbus (Beijing) Engineering Company Limited - BEIJING

ISO 14001:2015 Airbus (Tianjin) Delivery Center Limited - TIANJIN

Airbus Defence and Space Ltd commitment to achieve net zero emissions for its UK operations by 2050  

Airbus Defence and Space Ltd 2022 Carbon Reduction Plan

Airbus Helicopters UK Ltd commitment to achieve net zero emissions for its UK operations by 2050

  Airbus Helicopters UK Ltd 2023 Carbon Reduction Plan

A Statement by the Chief Technology Officers of seven of the world’s major aviation manufacturers.

The Sustainability of Aviation CTO statement

Airbus' answer to the 2023 CDP climate change questionnaire.

2023 CDP Climate Change Questionnaire

This document aims at highlighting the importance of substance management throughout the supply chain. This pack mainly focuses on some aspects of the European (EU) REACH regulation (EC no. 1907/2006).

REACH Substances: Certain requirements & Substitution programmes


The foundation for integrity at Airbus is our Code of Conduct (CoC). The Code is intended to guide daily behaviour and help employees resolve the most common ethical and compliance issues that they may encounter.

Airbus Code of Conduct


Airbus Company Policy April 2020

Airbus Anti-Corruption Policy


The Airbus Responsible Lobbying Charter provides the principles which any Airbus employee or third party representative retained by the company must adhere to when engaging with public officials in any capacity.

Airbus Responsible Lobbying Charter

Universal Registration Document 2022

Ernst & Young Independent Assurance Report 2023

This document approved by the Airbus Chief Financial Officer (CFO) sets out the Group’s policy and approach in managing its tax affairs. It will be reviewed annually by the Group tax team, and any amendment will be approved by the CFO accordingly.

Airbus Tax Strategy 2024

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