The moment an Airbus helicopter is delivered, one of the company’s primary missions begins: providing customers with the necessary support and services to carry out their operations efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

As all operators are unique, Airbus Helicopters’ customer-centric services are tailorable to their specific needs and requirements. Users can be matched to the best solution according to their profile and fleet make-up.

HCare Initial

Tailored for customers starting operations with a new Airbus helicopter or taking delivery of a new aircraft type, it provides a set of services that enables a successful entry-into-service with advantageous business terms.

HCare In-service

For customers already operating an Airbus helicopter type, HCare In-service contracts match the services to operators’ needs. This solution is designed to optimise an aircraft’s maintenance, usage, and longevity.

HCare Lifetime

HCare Lifetime is for operators seeking an end-to-end package and long-term collaboration –from entry-into-service up to the aircraft’s end of life. It assures the aircraft’s sustained value over time.

Performance commitment levels

For each of the above plans, customers can select one of the below performance commitment levels:

Guaranteed repair

Serving as Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to repair & overhaul (R&O) turn-around-times, the Guaranteed Repair programme is focused on R&O management at the component level. It enables operators to contractually secure R&O turnaround times, with the goal of improving maintenance planning efficiency.

Part availability

This exchange service is based on the replacement of parts that are reaching their time between overhaul (TBO) or service life – as well as for the replacement of failed parts within short lead times. The solution is customisable and is built on fixed hourly-rate payments, thereby making maintenance expenses predictable and streamlined.

Fleet availability

The Fleet Availability program is for operators who want to delegate some or all airworthiness and maintenance activities outside of their organisation and ensure short lead times for parts deliveries. By selecting this customisable solution, fleet availability performance is contractually committed – allowing operators to always be mission ready.

HCare First

This tailored HCare version provides service solutions for operators flying the corporate versions of Airbus Helicopters’ product line, providing support anywhere around the globe. It ensures the highest availability while also preserving the aircraft’s resale value.

HCare Classics

All aspects of operations with legacy aircraft are covered by a single contract with HCare Classics – a collaborative approach to users’ fleet management that anticipates and treats obsolescence and aircraft longevity.

HCare Store

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Material management


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Technical support

Technical support

Training & flight ops

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H125/H130 Standard Upgrades: Crash Resistant Fuel System kit

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H125/H130 Standard Upgrades: Crash Resistant Fuel System kit

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