We are profoundly aware of our responsibility to society and future generations.

We operate in a complex, interconnected ecosystem, where business integrity and collaboration is key to being able to drive prosperity and economic resilience.

Maximising our impact through collaboration

Sustainability commitments

Driving sustainable aerospace

We contribute to a global industry that supports the livelihoods of millions of families. We support global stability and peacekeeping, and work collaboratively with others around the world to maximise our positive contribution to society.

We are passionate about driving sustainable aerospace. We advocate for progress that will make our industry more sustainable, and play an active role lobbying and educating through our membership of industry associations and coalitions like ATAG, ICCAIA, IATA, and ASD. We are also part of the advisory group of the World Economic Forum (WEF), working on the Space Sustainability Rating and are a founding member of the WEF First Movers Coalition.  

Our partnerships with airlines are also an important way that we can drive positive change in the industry. For example, we support solutions like Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC) that will offset the impact of emissions during our transition to net zero.

Upholding the highest standards of integrity and compliance

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Integrity and compliance

In order to invest in a sustainable future, our business needs to be economically resilient. Our ability to tackle climate change depends on our capacity to invest and take a long-term view. 

Maintaining business integrity throughout all our activities is non-negotiable; it is the right thing to do. We follow the highest ethics and compliance standards and aim to go beyond what’s mandatory by law. 

Our business operations are driven by the highest standards of ethics and compliance. We can only fix issues we know about so we encourage an active speak up culture where employees trust they can raise their concerns without fear of retaliation.


Supporting communities and creating a lasting positive impact

Community Impact

Community Impact

We support communities with a focus on the most vulnerable, the environment, and young people. Through our corporate giving, we  prioritise partnerships which listen and respond to community needs and support solutions which create lasting positive impact. 

Through the Airbus Foundation we have facilitated relief or goodwill flights to numerous destinations around the globe, transporting over 1,389 tonnes of aid between 2008-2021. Airbus-owned test aircraft, charter and customer aircraft (delivery flights) have been used for these humanitarian flights. Over 1,261 humanitarian helicopter flight hours have been donated to support disaster rescue and evacuation training.

Every year, the Airbus Foundation also delivers satellite imagery covering tens of thousands of square kilometres to support its partners involved in humanitarian aid and protecting the environment.

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Airbus Foundation

Supporting humanitarian efforts, the next generation and the environment

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Towards a more sustainable future for people & the planet

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Sustainable supply chain

Environmental and social responsibility across the supply chain

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Gathering pace towards sustainable aerospace

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