Airbus freighters and airlifters provide versatile solutions for cargo transportation.

The demand for cargo has been boosted by e-commerce, and it is expected that express freight will grow by 4.7% per year and general cargo by 2.7%. Overall, over the next 20 years there will be a need for some 2,440 freighters, of which 880 will be new-build.  

Airbus provides a range of freighters with different capacities and capabilities to service the market enabling supply chain networks to transport a full range of cargo – from high-value consumer goods, manufacturing parts to express packages and perishables as well as medical supplies.

Shaping the future 

The newest freighter to the large cargo market is the A350F, bringing latest-generation innovation from the A350 with reduced fuel burn and CO2 emissions.

Flexible fleet

The A330-200F is a new-generation cargo aircraft that meets the needs of the freight business in the mid-size and long-haul segment.

The A330P2F, A320P2F and A321P2F are passenger aircraft that have been converted to a freighter providing a cost-effective and highly efficient option to customers.

Big is Beluga

For the airlift of oversized cargo loads, Airbus operates a fleet of BelugaXL that support the manufacturing flow within the company’s European production network, operated by the Airbus Transport International affiliate.

Airbus has also launched a new service to offer outsized freight transportation for customers worldwide. Key to bringing this to reality is the unique capability of its BelugaST ‘Super-Transporter’ aircraft, based on the A300-600 design. 

The five-strong aircraft fleet has added this service to its ‘in-house’ duties.

Based on the top-selling all new A350, the A350F brings latest-generation efficiency and choice to the large freighter market

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L’appareil A220-100 de 100 à 130 sièges, et sa version plus grande, le A220-300 de 130 à 160 sièges complémente merveilleusement le portefeuille d'avions commerciaux d'Airbus.

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