Airspace Explorer is an Airbus dedicated cross-programme flight test platform for demonstrating new innovations which could be featured in the future in all Airspace cabins. Displayed innovations are focused on passenger experience, digitalisation, health on board and sustainability

Airbus’s commitment

The Airspace Explorer cross-programme platform is taking advantage of a specially configured A350-900 Airbus flight test aircraft fitted with an award winning Airspace cabin to test and showcase a number of customer-centric cabin innovations.

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Airspace Explorer represents Airbus’ efforts to pioneer and explore the future flying experience by:

  • fostering the Airspace Innovations and exploring customers & passengers future needs;
  • delivering a more personalised travel experience, thanks to new services for the passenger;
  • enabling more efficient and sustainable aircraft operations and maintenance.


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All the systems on-board Airspace Explorer are currently in the prototype stage and are tested on ground and in flight, as part of the technology development process. They are meant to move from innovations to systems in service in the near future.

To achieve this, Airbus is continuously working with its customers and its industry partners to identify and develop new technologies and innovations that will improve and define the future flying experience. 

Airspace Explorer is the ambassador that will continuously evolve to explore new technologies as they become available, driving Airspace innovation and delivering leading passenger experience. 

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Can the tracking of in-flight catering improve airline sustainability?
Airbus’ highly innovative digital solution to this challenge includes the automatic capture of data for passengers' onboard meal consumption, along with tracing the amount of unused food and drinks that remain. By integrating such information in an artificial intelligence-driven system, airlines could optimise their catering services and better manage the after-meal disposal – leading to a potential for double-digit reductions in their CO2 emissions through weight reductions and fuel savings.
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Airspace Explorer
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Welcome to the Airspace Explorer flight test aircraft…
Airspace Explorer is Airbus’ new dedicated cross-programme flight test platform for demonstrating new cabin technologies which could be featured in the future in all Airspace cabins, whether through line-fit installation or retrofitted into in-service Airbus cabins. Such technologies featured on board are currently in the prototype stage, and we’re using Airspace Explorer to test them on ground and in flight, as part of the technology development process.
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How to disembark: a bright idea for passengers
In times of COVID a staggered row-by-row disembarkation has become common practice, supported by verbal cues from the cabin crew.
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Airbus’ HBCplus satcom solution progresses towards service entry in 2024

Airbus’ HBCplus satcom solution progresses towards service entry in 2024

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