Our business is built on a foundation of integrity, safety and quality.

That means respecting and embedding human rights within our business, operations and supply chain, as well as strengthening global resilience through our products and services.

Advancing respect for human rights and celebrating diversity

Human Rights Illustration

Human rights

A key aspect of integrity is respect for human rights. We embed and advance respect for human rights within our business, operations and supply chain. Airbus has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact for almost two decades, and launched a new Human Rights Policy in 2022

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Lycee Airbus Apprentice at work

Inclusion and diversity

We also recognise the power of diversity as a key driver of creativity, innovation and problem solving. Today, more than 140 nations are represented in our workforce. The different perspectives that Airbus employees bring to work help us to solve problems and design innovative new solutions to continue meeting our customers’ needs, today and tomorrow.

We are creating an inclusive workplace, where everyone can fulfil their potential. We recognise that aerospace and defence are historically male-dominated industries and we are committed to changing that. We have a recurring target to recruit 30% women, and for 25% of Executive positions to be held by women by 2025. Today, a third of our Board of Directors is female.

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Setting the highest standards of safety


The safety of our people and our products is paramount. 

Dialogue and information-sharing is central to how we promote safety at Airbus. We proactively share experience with our counterparts at industry level, collect new ideas and make tools and systems available to all Airbus operators to help them manage and mitigate safety risks. We drive continuous improvement and raise the bar for safety.  

The health and safety of our people is a top priority. We ensure the safety of our employees by dealing with all incidents and accidents thoroughly, including near-misses. We strive to create an environment where our employees take ownership of their own safety, are empowered to speak up, and where concrete actions are taken as a result.

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Strengthening global resilience through our products and services

A400M Air drop test

There can be no sustainability without security. We help to protect citizens, support the balance of powers, defend sovereignty and advance global security. Our defence and security products and solutions protect governments, organisations and critical infrastructure from cyber threats, while our military aircraft secure airspace around the world.

Environmental disasters, military conflicts and the upheaval of communities are often interlinked and mutually reinforce themselves once they have begun. Our technology allows our customers not just to protect lives during a conflict, it can prevent crises before they escalate, and restore damaged ecosystems and post-conflict areas.

Recent events such as the Covid pandemic, and the devastating floods across many parts of the world, have underlined the important role played by helicopters and military aircraft in terms of providing emergency medical transport, search and rescue missions or reaching isolated populations.

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Community Impact

Community Impact

Working together to support communities around the world

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Towards a more sustainable future for people and the planet

Sustainable supply chain banner

Sustainable supply chain

Environmental and social responsibility across the supply chain

Sustainability booklet teaser

Gathering pace towards sustainable aerospace

Our interactive sustainability booklet