At Airbus, we believe connections are vital to making the world a better place.

That’s why we unite people and organisations across the globe; physically, with our commercial aircraft and helicopters; and virtually with our connectivity solutions, allowing them to connect, understand each other - and ultimately change the world for the better.


We connect people

Uniting people for a more prosperous future

For half a century, Airbus’s product line of commercial aircraft has transformed the way we live and interact with the world. By truly opening borders, connecting cultures and changing the way we think and feel about our global neighbours, commercial aircraft have a major role to play in breaking down barriers and uniting people around the world.

Partnering with over 400 operators and customers, flying more than 48,000 routes worldwide, the 12,000-plus Airbus aircraft in service today connect people each day on every continent. 

Keeping our gaze to the future and in line with our core beliefs, the next challenge for Airbus is to lead the way in making low-carbon commercial aircraft a reality.

Air travel not only broadens our intellectual horizons, it eases tensions by bringing us together to learn from - and understand - each other, helping us find answers to our shared problems. Aviation safeguards global peace and stability. It underpins the multilateralism, diplomacy and conflict resolution that many have taken for granted in the latter part of the 20th century. Clearly, a more connected world is a more prosperous world; a prosperity that provides the foundation for innovation at scale and lasting transformation.

- Guillaume Faury, Chief Executive Officer of Airbus

Fostering connection to the natural world

Many Airbus helicopters serve as sightseeing aircraft that connect people from around the world with some of Earth’s natural and man-made wonders, all without damaging pristine environmental conditions or native habitats. With a focus on innovative sound and emission reduction technologies, our helicopters also are leading the way in making the skies decarbonised and quieter.

On safari with the H125 and H130


We connect business

Strengthening international networks

Around the world and around the clock, we connect global leaders in business, government and corporate affairs, helping to preserve economies, friendships and understanding among nations through the highest standards of business aviation. By opening borders and fostering networks, our products enable international stability and prosperity. 

With our Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) and Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) brands we provide both fixed and rotary-wing business aircraft aviation.




We connect systems

Providing information you can trust

Safe and secure digital systems are more important than ever in today’s world. From protecting the integrity of nations' elections to ensuring that hospitals can access patient data, or guaranteeing that power grids stay tuned on, Airbus is leading the way in developing dependable connectivity solutions. We make sure the organisations and technology that you rely upon daily can access trustworthy data in an increasingly digitalised world.

Information you can trust

Delivering safe and reliable navigation and traffic technologies

Our satellite navigation systems also help streamline traffic on land, water and in the air - helping improve mobility and ease gridlock. Galileo, which is Europe’s biggest infrastructure project, operates as the world’s most precise satellite navigation system, helping to make travelling safer and bringing loved ones closer together. 

We develop secure and cyber-resilient connectivity solutions that are interoperable between airplanes, helicopters, drones, future eVTOLs (electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft), satellites, command centres and mobile units. Our satellite and ground networks provide situational awareness in the most reliable way through our secure end-to-end communication solutions.


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