Our defence products and services help countries protect their citizens, values and vital infrastructure. In an unstable world, this security is a prerequisite of peace, the rule of law, political stability, democracy, environmental sustainability, human rights, economic development and prosperity, and scientific progress.

Airbus manufactures helicopters, fighter jets and military transport planes that allow nations to safeguard their airspace and respond to natural disasters. We supply intelligence capabilities as well as terrestrial space and cyber security services. And we provide secure satellite communications to governments and organisations devoted to public safety. All help to make the world a safer place.

Our defence activities contribute to diplomacy, conflict resolution and a multilateral approach to international relations. By supplying EU and NATO member states with advanced military equipment, we strengthen their diplomatic influence and credibility on the global stage – and in turn that of international institutions such as the UN and NATO. 



Protecting from space

While much of our space technology is aimed at exploring the universe, it also aims to improve and safeguard life here on Earth. Protective forces grapple daily with the growing threat of terrorism as well as the challenge of defending one’s borders and ensuring the safety of civilians in an ever more complex world. Airbus is dedicated to preserving safety and protecting against security threats with our space technologies that range from satellite-based Earth observation to secured satellite telecommunications.

Airbus is one of the world leaders in designing, developing and operating major space systems.


Airbus Sentinels


Support from the air

Defence aircraft

Airbus’ airlifters are designed to support military, humanitarian and peacekeeping missions. They can be easily transformed from a combat role to transporting and delivering personnel and goods directly to theatres of operation, or performing air-to-air refuelling missions. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) also help safeguard our security and play an important role in various defence missions. And with the ‘Future Combat Air System’ Airbus and our partners are pioneering an ambitious new generation of defence technology which will permit Europe to address the threats of the future and defend its borders.      

Figure: 1,800+ Military Aircraft Sold / 5,200+ missions achieved with UAS

Flexible Rotorcraft

The helicopter’s manoeuvrability, range and discretion make it an essential part of any modern military’s critical assets. Able to support ground troops, perform scouting duties, provide utility missions such as peacekeeping and personnel transport, or carry out special operations, the helicopter serves a wide array of operational needs. 

Around 2,500 Airbus helicopters are in service today with approximately 100 armed forces who place their trust in Airbus. These operators have flown a collective 30 million helicopter flight hours with Airbus products.



Safeguarding oceans and coastlines

Keeping coastlines and the high seas safe is a challenge that needs a teamwork-oriented approach, requiring the action of a handful of parties to monitor, deter, study and protect our waterways. Oil spills, drug trafficking, typhoons and more can pose a threat to the environment, national sovereignty or one’s individual safety.  

For more than 50 years, Airbus has been dedicated to developing products that help governments, navies and international organisations respond to these growing threats. From ocean patrol aircraft to satellites and communications systems, the near-exhaustive array of Airbus products speaks to the importance the company places on protecting the oceans. 


In the maritime sector, we provide the tools needed to protect the most important asset: the oceans. By connecting and analysing data, we deliver direct information for informed decisions.

-       Retired French navy Rear-Admiral Alexis Latty, an Airbus key account manager.


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