Military aircraft

Armed forces around the globe rely on Airbus’ proven family of military aircraft to meet their missions – day after day, underscoring the company’s ability to design, produce and support fixed-wing assets that serve a broad range of applications.

Airbus’ current product line includes the world’s most versatile airlifter, the A400M; the robust and reliable C295 tactical transporter; the new-generation A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT); and Eurofighter, the most modern swing-role fighter ever conceived.

Aligned with its commitment to world-class customer support, Airbus provides an extended portfolio of services to ensure that customers fulfill their missions in even the most challenging conditions. The portfolio includes training of flight and ground crews, solutions for MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), aircraft and system upgrades, along with material services and support engineering.

Orders & Deliveries

Total Orders2025
Total Deliveries1794
Total in Operation1456


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The 21st century benchmark for new generation tanker/transport aircraft


The world's most advanced new generation multi-role / swing-role combat aircraft

C295 Transport


The most versatile and efficient tactical transport aircraft


Focus on your mission – military aircraft services takes care of everything else

For over 40 years, Airbus is providing its Customers with an extended portfolio of services. From the training of Flight and Ground Crews up to live firing exercises anywhere around the world.

MRO services & training and flight operations



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