To ensure the best decisions, you need the best intelligence. Defence and security decision makers critically depend upon the support of technology, tools and systems to ensure readiness and preparedness to anticipate and respond to events and missions.

Our C4ISR range of product and solutions support the decision maker at headquarter, strategic and tactical levels across the joint, land, air, sea and intelligence services.

Your trusted partner with 30+ years of experience in imagery and defence systems

In the modern defence sector, information is everything. But without state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities, it can be a significant challenge to acquire the right data at the right time and in the right format.

Airbus is a dedicated partner to military and intelligence services around the globe, with a portfolio of proven defence-oriented solutions that allow them to better plan for any mission and more effectively respond to challenges that may come - all this with greater speed, clarity and confidence.

Working with our customers, we help build a comprehensive, common and shared understanding of complex operating environments - supporting the decision-makers at headquarter, strategic and tactical levels across the joint, land, air and sea services.



Improved intelligence-led operations

Our Multi-Int solutions provide the strategic, operational and tactical levels with tools covering the full Intelligence cycle (direction, collection, processing, dissemination).


Deployed within the NATO, French and German MOD Intelligence communities

Intelligence-led operations are necessary for the efficient direction and execution of operations by the armed forces. This requires the collection of information from multiple sources to define operational needs, the analysis and fusion of that information to create intelligence, the dissemination of intelligence to those who require it and its storage in databases that facilitate rapid referencing and retrieval.

Benefiting from 20 years of experience and multiple military deployments, our Multi-Int solutions provide all the tools, functions and capabilities to support defence intelligence operations from strategic to tactical levels.


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Your real-time ISR, key element for effective decision-making

Our real-time ISR solutions transform the data collected by real-time sensors and ensure information superiority at every level of military operations


NATO compliance allowing interoperability

Whether the requirement is for nationwide surveillance and border protection or to deploy assets globally to support military operations, the need for information superiority within the armed forces is critical. Military surveillance systems, collecting intelligence 24/7 from sensors on land, air and sea, require advanced solutions to quickly process the resulting volumes of data. The Fortion® ISR solutions are the right tools to transform the data collected by real-time sensors into actionable information for decision-making.



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Ensuring sovereignty and safety in national air space

In a complex environment of continuous change, where threats evolve in a matter of minutes, we create cutting-edge solutions which are innovative and serve all different command levels to ensure sovereignty and safety of national air space.


Increased coordination for air space protection

Our new generation solution for Control and Reporting Centers (CRC) generates a Recognised Air Picture to assist operators on tracking and identifying potential threats in the air space.

Our offer includes state-of-the-art solutions to ensure civil and military coordination of flight plans and resources availability.

For Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) coordination at a strategic level or for Command and Control at execution level we offer our customers the ideal solution to keep their air space protected.

Major advantages of our systems are related to the modularity, interoperability, scalability and decades of experience developing and integrating solutions hand-in-hand with customers for current and future systems. Customers around the world benefit from our air dominance solutions at coordination and execution levels.


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Our easy-to-use Command and Control solutions

Our digital battlefield solutions support the preparation and execution of increasingly complex missions across all domains.


Situation awareness for the whole military chain of command

We deliver the complete range of command and control systemsfrom the mission preparation up to the frontline. With unparalleled experience in the field of operational information systems and the integration of such systems into vehicles, wepropose command and control applications from headquarters up to dismounted soldiers supporting the preparation of ever increasingly complex missions.

We also provide air C2 systems which allow controllers to manage airspace ensuring sovereignty and efficient air military missions and produce Maritime Intelligence Centres addressing both civil and defence markets.


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Mobile solutions for all military contexts

Our fully integrated system solutions meet your requirements of highest mobility, modularity and quick deployability, while supporting you to manage the change from international crisis management to national and collective defence.


Trusted solutions and services based on 25+ years of experience

We design, develop, and realise fully integrated and highly sophisticated system solutions providing medical solutions for all elements of the medical rescue chain, protected transportation in hazardous areas and reliable IT deployment in the field.


Our solutions range from container- and tent-based medical facilities such as rescue stations, rescue centres and mobile field hospitals to mobile command post shelter solutions, field camps, protected containers for the safe transportation of troops, wounded, material, or sensitive equipment, and many more. We also provide solutions for mission planning. Our Planning and Exploration Tool (PET) is a holistic planning tool for the construction of deployable infrastructures.

Long-term operational readiness is ensured by our In-Service Support expert teams, who provide tailored service agreements to meet individual requirements throughout the system life-cycle.


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