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As the undisputed leader in the single-aisle category, Airbus’ A320 is the aircraft family of choice for airlines around the world – from low-cost operators to mainline carriers.

the world

With the widest single-aisle cabin in the sky, passengers appreciate the spacious environment from the moment they board an A320 and can benefit from airlines’ ability to utilise the Airbus standard of 18-inch-wide seats in economy.

The A320 product line’s true family concept – plus its designed-in versatility – enables operators to match the right aircraft size to route demand, covering the entire market from low- to high-density routes, as well as longer-range transcontinental services that can be adapted to  passenger capacities.

A320 Family aircraft have served destinations ranging from hot desert environments to icy Antarctic landing sites, flying from short urban runways and remote high-altitude airports. Utilised by the full scope of operators from low-cost carriers to the world’s mainline airlines,.

The A320 Family is easy on the environment as well. Airbus’ latest A320neo versions feature enhanced aerodynamics and the latest-generation jet engines, resulting in significant reductions in fuel burned and lower emissions.

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More space
with Airspace

Airbus’ award-winning Airspace interior was developed for widebody A350s and A330s, and has transitioned to the A320 Family. Featuring the latest in Airbus cabin innovation, its improvements significantly enhance comfort and well-being aboard. These include iconic ceiling lighting, redesigned window bezels for enhanced roominess and unobstructed views, new sidewall panels that provide an additional inch for extra personal space, as well as a new spacious lavatory design.

The large overhead storage bins can hold eight bags instead of five, providing highly sought-after additional volume for carry-ons.


A320neo cabin

An innovative

As the first civil aircraft to introduce fly-by-wire technology, the A320 Family has set the standards ever since its entry in service. 

The A320 Family’s cockpit “front office” shares commonality with the other Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft. Pilots fly the A319, A320 and A321 with the Common Type Rating, and can easily make the step up to Airbus’ widebody fly-by-wire aircraft with Cross Crew Qualification – opening opportunities for versatility in their flying assignments and giving airlines flexibility in the deployment of flight crews.

The commonality factor also extends into the passenger cabin, with similar systems, control panels and procedures across the Airbus single-aisle and widebody families – an advantage that is appreciated by cabin crews and airline operators alike.

The A320 Family’s Cargo Loading System (CLS) option is another plus for airlines. Benefitting from the aircraft’s outward-opening cargo doors and large lower-deck compartment cross-section, the CLS maximises usable cargo area while also accelerating processing on the ground – which helps airport personnel speed up their handling of passengers’ luggage as well as  freight.


Evolving with the
A320neo versions

Thanks to Airbus’ significant research and development investments, the A320 Family continues to innovate.

The NEO (New Engine Option) is available for the A320 Family’s three largest versions: the A319neo, A320neo and A321neo. There is a choice of two advanced turbofan engines: the Pratt & Whitney GTF™; and the LEAP-1A from CFM International. The NEO versions also feature Airbus’ large, fuel-saving wingtip devices known as Sharklets™.

With these enhancements, A320neo Family aircraft benefit from 20% fuel burn reduction when compared to previous-generation aircraft (and up to 30% for the A321XLR), along with additional flight ranges and extra payload. 

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Non-stop to
more places

Extending the flight distances for A320 Family aircraft opens even more exciting travel possibilities. The longest-fuselage A321 variant can fly routes of up to 4,000nm with 206 passengers in its A321LR (long range) configuration, with extra fuel carried in three Additional Centre Tanks (ACTs). 

The A321XLR version provides a further range extension to 4,700nm. Its increased maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 101 tonnes enables the aircraft to be fitted with a permanent Rear Centre Tank (carrying 12,900 litres of fuel) and an optional forward ACT. This gives the A321XLR a flight time of up to 11 hours, with passengers benefitting throughout the trip from Airbus’ award-winning Airspace interior, which brings the latest cabin technology to the A320 Family.

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