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PAZ satellite starts its journey to space  

PAZ satellite starts its journey to space

Adieu GRACE-FO  


Peruvian Government: “Satellite investment recovered after first year of operations”  

Peruvian Government: “Satellite investment recovered after first year of operations”

JUICE radar antenna tested in helicopter flight campaign

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Lanzado con éxito el satélite radar PAZ construido por Airbus

Lancement réussi pour le satellite radar PAZ d’Airbus

Airbus-Radarsatellit PAZ erfolgreich gestartet

Airbus-built PAZ radar satellite successfully launched

SIGNALIS becomes Airbus

Aeolus, construido por Airbus, supera todas las pruebas en Lieja (Bélgica) y llega a Toulouse para someterse a las últimas comprobaciones

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Competition from above

Pleiades Satellite Image Gangneung Pyeongchang South Korea

The sports facilities for the 2018 Winter Olympics have been built or equipped on four sites within South Korea’s Pyeongchang district. Immediately following the first snowfall, the Pléiades satellite constellation observed the three sites for the Nordic, alpine and ice sports events. It also mapped the numerous ice sports structures in the town of Gangneung.

Pleiades Satellite Image Alpensia Sports Park South Korea

The sports facilities of the Alpensia Resort are ready to host Nordic, alpine and ice sports events.

Pleiades Satellite Image Bokwang Phoenix Park South Korea

Freestyle skiing and snowboard competitors will dazzle spectators worldwide from the slopes of Bokwang Phoenix Park, one of the ski resorts closest to Seoul, the South Korean capital.

Pleiades Satellite Image Jeongseon Alpine Centre Pyeongchang South Korea

An altitude drop of more than 800 m is required for downhill ski events, over a length of 3.5 km. The Jeongseon Alpine Centre is also equipped to organise the Super-G and combined events.

Space videos

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