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President of Airbus Middle East

Habib Fekih

Habib Fekih

Habib FEKIH has occupied the position of President of Airbus Middle East and North Africa, since June 2006, and has accumulated this responsibility with that of President Airbus Corporate Jet (Private Aviation) since January 2012.

He is also President of the Board of Directors of two other Airbus subsidiaries.

Habib FEKIH joined Airbus in May 1986 and has successively occupied the positions of Area Director, Sales, North Africa; Vice President Sales, Middle East; Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales and Business Development and lastly President of TASC (design office working at the service of the airlines) through until May 2006.

Habib FEKIH contributed significantly to putting in place Airbus’ new commercial policy and the related structures. He also succeeded in raising Airbus’ market share in the Africa/Middle East region to more than 60% and, above all, in achieving more than 40% of all A380 sales and more than 35% of all A350 sales in that region.

Furthermore, as Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales, Habib FEKIH played an active role in making Airbus the number one plane-maker worldwide. 

As President of Airbus Corporate Jet, Habib FEKIH has succeeded in restructuring the Private Aviation-related activities into a single entity and in boosting its commercial activities thanks to combined offers – aircraft, cabin and services – which has helped to give this activity greater market visibility.

Habib FEKIH began his career at Tunis Air, in January 1977, where he occupied several functions in succession, in particular Technical Development Director, Operations Director and Vice President of Corporate Planning and Information Systems.

During his career at Tunis Air, Habib FEKIH contributed to developing the airline’s technical capability, making it possible to carry out the first major overhaul of an airliner in an Arab or African country, while making Tunis Air the first airline in the world to introduce a two-man crew on a wide-body aircraft.

Habib FEKIH obtained his Mathematics Baccalaureate at the Sadiki College in Tunis in June 1970, before pursuing his studies in France at Lycée Fermat in Toulouse in the scientific preparatory classes (advanced and specialist mathematics), then at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris and finally at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace in Toulouse.

Habib FEKIH was born in Mezdour, Tunisia in 1952.

He was made Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur in June 2004, for the significant contribution he was made to the success of Airbus in general, and of the A380 in particular. 

Habib FEKIH is married and has one son who is a dental surgeon.

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December 2012