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A human adventure and passion

A pioneering spirit

A pioneering spirit
Working side-by-side with colleagues from different countries, Airbus employees are driven by a passion for aviation.

Airbus employees have always been driven by a spirit of innovation and passion for aviation, whether they be engineers, pilots, salesmen, marketers, managers, technicians or workers on the production lines.

Built on its ability to draw on the best that Europe and the world have to offer and to develop innovative products in anticipation of market needs, Airbus has developed into a global company that creates value for its customers, its shareholders, as well as its employees and the many countries around the world where its aircraft are operated. 

Airbus employees are used to working side by side with colleagues from different countries, exchanging ideas and expertise.


Getting the best results -- the highest quality in design and manufacturing, delivery on time and on cost and unparalleled after-sales service -- is about sharing responsibility at almost every level within Airbus.

Leadership and initiative are qualities encouraged at Airbus. Airbus employees are adaptable. In an industry which is open to market ebbs and flows and where time always costs money, Airbus must be able to respond quickly to the needs of its customers.

With its growing global presence Airbus draws on the most talented people from a wide range of backgrounds, training and developing them to Airbus standards.

At Airbus dialogue is a vital part of the working day. Communication channels between employees and managers are always open, ensuring that any problems are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Innovation & passion

Innovation & passion
Airbus’ research and technology efforts are focussed on ensuring the company’s continued global competitiveness.

To safeguard this technology leadership position and to ensure its global competitiveness, Airbus takes pride in its ability to continually innovate, providing the world’s most efficient aircraft flying today – and preparing for the air transportation industry’s needs of tomorrow.

Passion and pride are emotions common among Airbus people: passion about the jobs they do and pride in the products they create.

Airbus is pursuing a major research and technology programme that looks to the next 20 years and beyond, which will ensure that innovation remains at the heart of its development.



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