For more than a decade, customers around the World have appreciated close and long-lasting partnerships with Airbus Defence and Space. With their tailored satellite or connectivity system from Airbus Defence and Space, each customer taps into an extensive repository of capacity building and service options, ranging from full in-orbit delivery to satellite data storage solutions. Supporting our customers throughout their programme’s lifecycle and ensuring their comprehensive expertise in relation to their mission, is a key part of our philosophy.

Vibration test satellite clean room


DynaWorks is an integrated software platform, an essential tool for design offices, test centers, and stakeholders participating in industrial projects.


Capacity building and training

Comprehensive programmes include more than ‘just’ satellites


Test Services

Airbus provides a full range of testing services to lead organisations around the world.

Systema Main


A multidiscipline solution to support system engineering


SurRender Software

Exploring the far reaches of space requires highly precise mission preparations