Digital Data and Analytics Services



OneAtlas - Connecting images from space to decisions on Earth

Data is at the heart of everything today. To meet the constant need for higher resolution data at an increased rate, we are constantly advancing the digital transformation of our products and services.

Our OneAtlas online platform offers flexible and easy access to best-of-class satellite imagery, value-added layers, as well as industry-specific insights and innovative analytics.

Our vision is to empower users by getting accurate and reliable geospatial information where it’s needed as quick as possible.

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Satellite Connectivity Services




Maximising expertise and know-how with strong and trusted partnerships to deliver satellite connectivity anywhere in the world

As the leading European provider of Satellite Connectivity services, we are able to uniquely offer our customers access to the complete range of frequency bands (L, C, Ku, Ka, Mil-Ka, X and UHF), and access to future communications solutions using laser technology.

Airbus have developed strong and trusted partnerships and buying power with the world’s best commercial providers, as well as the tools, approaches and processes needed to monitor, manage and allocate the most appropriate bandwidth for your requirements guaranteeing flexible, assured satellite communications capability with multi-level secure satellite services anywhere in the world.

Terrestrial Connectivity Services




Connecting our customers in the harshest of environments with terrestrial solutions

Our wireless and radio networks allow you to maintain communications in the harshest of environments and when satellite services are not an option. We use a range of commercial wireless technology, including LTE (long-term evolution), to address your large fixed sites or for when you are ‘on the move’.  Our agile solution is also 5G ready, enabling wireless cells to be provided in a wider range of deployed environments.