Space in the U.S.

Space in the U.S.

Airbus U.S. supplies leading space systems, technology and solutions to government and commercial customers. We are enabling critical research on the International Space Station (ISS) with our Bartolomeo external platform, supporting the integration and testing of Airbus’ European Service Module into the Orion Deep Space Crew Vehicle, and we are under contract with DARPA's Blackjack program to demonstrate the military utility of small satellite constellations for the Department of Defense. We are committed to growing our manufacturing capability in the U.S., and our government customers can leverage our commercial capability to develop low-earth orbit small satellite constellations to complement large existing systems.

LEO Constellations

The future of space is not what it used to be: Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations complement large existing space systems and are enabling an extensive new range of missions and opportunities for businesses and governments. Airbus U.S. is on a mission to facilitate access to space and to provide affordable, powerful, smart and modular constellation spacecraft.

Small Satellite Manufacturing

In 2016, OneWeb and Airbus formed a Joint Venture, Airbus OneWeb Satellites (AOS), to manufacture small satellites in mass quantities for both OneWeb and multiple Airbus customers, leveraging Airbus’ long-standing heritage in satellite manufacturing. The AOS Joint Venture facility, located in Merritt Island, Exploration Park in Florida, has the most advanced satellite mass production capabilities in the world. It is capable of manufacturing two satellites per day at an affordable rate. The cost of a traditional single satellite, which are most often produced in 4 to 5 years, cost tens of millions more than an AOS satellite. All 74 satellites manufactured and delivered to date for the OneWeb constellation are on-orbit and operational.

Moon 2024 & Space Exploration Capabilities 

NASA's Orion spacecraft will carry astronauts further into space than ever before using a module based on Europe’s Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV).

Airbus has over 40 years of human space flight successes, supporting NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) in a number of very high profile programs. Our team has demonstrated competencies from the Space Shuttle era with platforms and laboratories such as Spacelab; the International Space Station (ISS) with Columbus, Bartolomeo, and various payloads, life support and other systems; and now Orion with the European Service Module (ESM).

LEO Human Spaceflight & Commercialization

Airbus is a pioneer of LEO commercialization within the human spaceflight domain. The Airbus designed and built Bartolomeo Space Station platform offers external science and payload hosting capabilities on the ISS, providing new opportunities for science and research. Bartolomeo was developed on a commercial basis by Airbus, with its own investment, in cooperation with ESA and NASA. The platform is available for commercial as well as institutional customers.

Discover how the Airbus U.S.  team is revolutionizing the future of space

Discover how the Airbus U.S. team is revolutionizing the future of space

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