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Space in the U.S.

Space in the U.S.

Our Vision: Making Space a Universe of Possibilities for Everyone

At Airbus, our purpose is to improve life on Earth and beyond through our cutting-edge Space technologies. With every technological breakthrough we bring people closer together, we navigate new frontiers and we discover new and unexplored destinations. And we don't just take innovations to Space, our Space solutions help solve global challenges on Earth.

But we don’t stop there: We envisage a future where our human economy expands beyond Earth’s orbit and everyone benefits from the value of Space. Explore, Discover, Connect: Together, we can make tomorrow more than just another day.

Whether mapping every star in our galaxy or looking back at planet Earth, Airbus has been helping to answer big questions from space for more than 50 years. Supplying reliable systems that range from electronic components to full telecommunications relay platforms, scientific satellites and manned spacecraft, Airbus provides solutions for customers around the globe. ArianeGroup, a joint venture with Safran, is the prime contractor for Europe’s record-breaking Ariane launcher.

NASA's Orion spacecraft will carry astronauts further into space than ever before using a module based on Europe’s Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV).

Airbus is recognized as a world leader in satellite-delivered geo-information. Its access to Earth observation satellite imagery – including company-built spacecraft in orbit – combine with decades of experience in one organization, enabling Airbus to provide premium satellite imagery, products and services.

Airbus is applying its in-orbit operational expertise for the service module that is to equip NASA’s human-rated Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. The service module will support astronaut crews, handling duties for propulsion while also providing the water and oxygen needed for a habitable environment, along with storing electrical power and maintaining the temperature of the vehicle's systems and components.


OneWeb Satellites, an Airbus joint venture, broke ground in March 2017 on a high-volume satellite manufacturing facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida – one step closer to bridging the ‘digital divide’ by the year 2027.

In March 2017, OneWeb Satellites’ broke ground on a high-volume satellite manufacturing facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between OneWeb, a satellite-based global network provider and Airbus Defence and Space, along with the world’s second largest space company. The ambitious goal of the project is to fully bridge the ‘digital divide’ by 2027, making internet access available and affordable for everyone.

The expertise of Airbus in space exploration also makes it a valuable partner for the United States. On the James Webb Space Telescope – which will become the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) premier orbital observatory – Airbus is providing the Near Infrared Spectrograph instrument capable of detecting the faintest radiation from distant galaxies. This massive telescope will be orbited by an Ariane 5, the European launch vehicle built under the responsibility of production prime contractor ArianeGroup (a joint venture of Airbus and France’s Safran).

The U.S. Air Force has acquired five Eagle Vision systems – Airbus’ commercial, off-the-shelf deployable ground station that receives non-classified satellite imagery. The system meets requirements ranging from mission planning and predictive battle space awareness to determining air mobility requirements at airfields and the assessment of natural disaster areas.


Airbus DS Government Solutions, Inc.

Airbus DS Government Solutions, Inc. (Airbus DS-GS) is an industry leader in satcom & networking systems. Our unparalleled experience enables us to perfect requirement analysis, system design, turnkey delivery and logistics support of satcom systems for our customers.

Airbus DS-GS creates innovative, effective space & defense solutions for customers, keeping our clients ahead of the technological curve and driving the industry forward. Our mission is to make sure you complete yours.

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For more information about our Space portfolio,

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