Aviation Safety Videos - Webb Sight

WEBB Sight is an aviation safety mini video series created by Airbus Helicopters Inc.'s Director of Aviation Education, Bruce Webb. 

In his short videos, Bruce provides his expert views and ideas on how to make aviation industry safer through better understanding of human behavior. 

Watch the videos on Bruce's youTube channel below: 

Bruce's Bio

Bruce Webb, Airbus Helicopters Inc.'s Director of Aviation Education

Bruce’s interest in aviation began in High School where he attended an aerospace course as a sophomore and then attended a vocational A&P School as a junior and senior. He went on to complete his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois while concurrently pursuing his FAA Rotorcraft Helicopter Pilot Certificates. He co-owned and operated an FAA approved part 135, 137, and 145 helicopter operation in the Chicago area for more than six years. He flew medical helicopters (VFR and IFR BK-117’s) for more than four years in Nebraska, Ohio, and North Carolina. He came to Airbus (Eurocopter) in 1999 as a pilot and quickly was promoted to Chief Pilot, a position he held for sixteen years. He stepped down in 2016 to begin this new challenge of promoting safety from a lectern…not a cockpit. 

With more than thirty-eight years of helicopter experience Bruce is a passionate speaker whose unique perspectives resonate with audiences. 

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