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Lakota Customer Support Contacts

Lakota Customer Support Team

Your Contact

Joe Gray

Sr. Manager, Program Logistics

Les Weatherhead

Sr. Manager, Technical Support, Government Programs

Technical Support Team


John Richardson


Audie Keith

Jim Wagner

Bill Coulter

Regional Technical Representatives

Kelly Haller

Terry Kratovil

Scott Stiegler

Bill Bennett

Kenny Hendren

Don Johnson

Kelly Morwood

Dean Robinson

Contract Field Service Representatives

William Wilkinson

Customer Support Representatives

Your Contact

Kelly Gray

Don Howard

Lupe Gonzalez

Shane Singletary

SAP Functional Specialist

Etumie Morris

Javier Alvarado

Laura S Seaton

Tonya Green

Warranty & Repairable Analysts

Your Contact

Tom Caballero

Juan Rojas

Supply Orders Email:


Tool Discrepancy Email:

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