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A400M Flying over Golden Gate bridge - San Francisco

Defense and Security in the U.S.

Airbus is a global leader in the defense sector and among the top 10 defense companies worldwide. It manufactures tactical and strategic airlifters, multi-role aerial tankers and advanced combat aircraft. Together, the A400M, C295, CN235, A330 MRTT and Eurofighter Typhoon make up a world-class product line operated by air forces worldwide. With decades of industrial experience behind it, Airbus consistently develops cutting-edge technologies for the most challenging missions.

In addition to designing, developing and manufacturing military aircraft, Airbus offers a broad range of services to fully support its customers.

Airbus also is the no. 3 company worldwide in secure communication platforms, delivering agile, innovative, data-driven digital services for defence and cyber security applications.

  • Among the top 10 defense companies worldwide
  • Number 3 worldwide in Secure Communications
  • World-renowned range of products including Eurofighter and A400M

Airbus DS Military Aircraft, Inc., provides critical customer support for C212 and CN235 operators worldwide.

Among the Ocean Sentry’s base locations is the U.S. Coast Guard’s Aviation Training Center and air station at Mobile Regional Airport in Alabama. At this facility, Airbus DS Military Aircraft, Inc., provides critical customer support for C212 and CN235 operators worldwide. Airbus’ in-house services include maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility, engineering and technical support services, training, component repair services, and materials support.

The FAR 145 and EASA 145.6332 certified MRO facility provides structural and avionic repairs, heavy inspections, modifications, C212 platform refurbishment and avionic upgrades.

The on-site engineering and technical support team provides engineering solutions, technical training and 24/7 technical assistance to operators of C212 and CN235 aircraft. The FAA/EASA certified component repair shop provides repair services and is the only OEM authorized repair center in the U.S. for C212 and CN235 hydraulic and landing gear overhauls.

A material warehouse stocks over 9,300 OEM C212 and CN235 spare parts, ground support equipment, tooling, and aircraft on the ground support.

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Secure Communication

ECTOCRYP® Black is a high-capacity programmable, secure, voice encryption device that can protect voice communications up to and including Top Secret. NSA-approved to operate, tested by JITC and listed on DISA’s approved product list as a DoD Secure Communications Device, it is now available to U.S. government customers, providing multi-channel encryption between red enclaves and remote Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) devices.

For example, numerous simultaneous callers using SCIP terminals such as Sectera vIPer, Omni, etc., on an unclassified network can speak securely to users on normal telephones within a red or classified enclave via a single ECTOCRYP® Black gateway device. Additionally, on multilevel secure voice networks (DRSN), it can be configured to interoperate with multilevel secure voice switches

Airbus DS Government Solutions, Inc.

Airbus DS Government Solutions, Inc. (Airbus DS-GS) is an industry leader in satcom & networking systems. Our unparalleled experience enables us to perfect requirement analysis, system design, turnkey delivery and logistics support of satcom systems for our customers.

Airbus DS-GS creates innovative, effective space & defense solutions for customers, keeping our clients ahead of the technological curve and driving the industry forward. Our mission is to make sure you complete yours.

For more information about our Defense and Security portfolio,

For more information about our Defense and Security portfolio,

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