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H135 for US Navy


for U.S. Navy

With its maneuverability, cockpit visibility, advanced safety features, endurance, and best-value performance attributes, the H135 is the preeminent military training helicopter in the world. More than 130 units are providing training for military pilots in 12 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan.

Power and flexibility

Modern, twin-engine H135 is a proven military trainer in use globally.


More than 160 armed forces worldwide place their trust in Airbus products, making Airbus one of the world's largest suppliers of advanced military helicopters. Airbus not only meets today’s military requirements, covering the entire military operational spectrum, but is also paving the way for machines that meet tomorrow’s needs. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient military rotary wing solutions worldwide.


The Airbus H135 offers unparalleled performance:

  • Maneuverability, high visibility, low vibration levels
  • Equipped with advanced technologies
  • Low cost, commercial , off-the-shelf solution
  • Enabling a higher quality training experience
  • IFR certified


The Right Solution for the U.S. Navy

Airbus Helicopters has the experience and expertise to deliver the U.S. Navy the next generation of training helicopter. The H135, manufactured in Columbus, Mississippi, by the best aerospace talent in the U.S. provides the capability, innovation and technology required to ensure mission readiness for the aviation warfighter.


The Airbus H135:

  • The recognized military training helicopter, currently providing pilot training for military pilots in over 12 countries around the world.
  • Well-suited for military pilot training due to its maneuverability, high visibility and low vibration levels.
  • The aircraft is equipped with advanced technologies, providing instructor pilots with an ideal platform for training missions for student Naval aviators.
  • The twin-engine H135 provides a training environment most similar to the Navy’s warfighting rotary wing fleet, creating an increased opportunity for cost and training synergies compared to a single engine trainer.

Photos and Videos

H135 for U.S. Navy Trainer    
H135 - The world leader in military helicopter training    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 for US Navy    
H135 Navy Trainer - Episode 4      
Airbus H135 for the U.S. Navy Trainer program – Episode 3      
H135 In Action      

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H135 for U.S. Navy



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