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Derived from Airbus’ mission-proven Super Puma L1 family, the H215 – available in two different versions to meet customer requirements – is characterised by its rugged design, excellent payload lift performance, cost efficiency and demonstrated ability to operate in the world’s most austere environments.

Super Puma family member

A member of the proven Super Puma/Cougar family, the H215 is a heavy-weight, twin-engine helicopter with outstanding performance, known for its dependable availability rate and competitive operating costs.


Cutting-edge technology

The EASA and FAA certified H215 is equipped with the H225’s 4-axis dual duplex digital authority flight control system to provide first-class flight envelope protection, unrivalled navigation and hovering precision, and stability in even the harshest operating conditions.

Landings and takeoffs from unprepared sites where recirculating dust or snow can cause disorientation (brown-outs or white-outs) are subsequently performed safely.

Proven and versatile

A member of the proven Super Puma/Cougar family, the H215 is a heavy-weight, twin-engine helicopter with outstanding performance, known for its dependable availability rate and competitive operating costs. It consists of two versions, one tailored for multi-role operations and the other with a shorter cabin airframe and an increased payload for aerial work or utility duties.

Both aircraft, built in a highly capable standard mission configuration, are able to support an extensive list of options. This new concept allows the rotorcraft to best meet customers’ expectations and serve a wide range of missions.

Main characteristics and features

Thanks to its state-of-the-art avionics and certifications by the European and U.S. airworthiness authorities (the EASA and FAA, respectively), the H215 ensures a high level of safety for pilots and passengers.

Both H215 versions benefit from a well-equipped baseline, which includes the following elements:

  • Proven MAKILA 1A1 engines
  • Latest-generation flight management system
  • Full-glass cockpit avionics system, compatible with night vision goggles 
  • The digital dual-duplex 4-axis autopilot from Airbus’ advanced H225 

Beyond these characteristics, it has an excellent availability rate with optimised maintenance and competitive operating costs. In addition, the rotorcraft benefits from Airbus’ enhanced services, including the HCare range of logistics services, which minimise customers’ investment in stock inventory.


Combining performance and cost-effectiveness, the H215 multi-role helicopter in the longer airframe variant is a highly efficient aircraft for parapublic services and passenger transport missions.

Public services

For law enforcement duties, the H215 can carry a fully operational special team and equipment to deployments day and night, along with a hoist, rappelling and fast-roping beam, all with a night vision goggle-compatible cockpit. It can also be fitted with a full de-icing kit, multi-purpose air intakes, electro-optical system, hailer loud speaker system, cargo sling and armouring protection.

When outfitted with multi-patient medical interiors, the H215 is a versatile medical evacuation platform, while the helicopter’s overall performance and range enables extended-duration search and rescue (SAR) missions with dedicated role equipment and SAR upper modes.

Passenger transport

The H215 is also ideal for passenger transport with its large interior accommodating 19 passengers comfortably (or 22 troops), along with a two- or three-person cockpit crew. It can also be used for executive and VIP transport, with up to 12 seats, and as a corporate shuttle.

As a head-of-state aircraft, cabin layouts can include front and rear lounges, galleys and lavatories, along with food service galleys.

Aerial work and utility

In the shorter version, tailored for aerial work and utility missions, the H215 can accommodate heavy internal loads – with its large sliding doors allowing the transportation of bulky freight and the rear access facilitating the handling of long loads. It can also have external mirrors and a cargo sling with a maximum load of 4.5 tonnes.

This H215 variant also offers a wide spectrum of mission flexibility with the ability to install a selection of optional equipment, such as:

  •  Multi-purpose air intake
  • Hoist
  • Installation of 20 troop seats
  • Installation of 15 crashworthy seats
  • Weather radar 



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