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OneSat is a game-changing telecommunications satellite that can be fully reconfigured while in orbit – capable of adjusting its coverage area, capacity and frequency “on the fly” to meet evolving mission scenarios.

Developed by Airbus, OneSat is based on a standard, modular and design-to-manufacture approach, and can be delivered more quickly than existing telecommunications satellites – and at a reduced cost, as well. 

Airbus expertise = disruptive technology

OneSat relies on Airbus’ heritage from its highly reliable Eurostar telecommunications platform, which is complemented by the company’s experience in mega-constellation manufacturing.

As a truly disruptive satellite platform in terms of production and operations, it reduces cost and time-to-orbit by 50%, while providing 100% flexibility in coverage, power and frequency. Additionally, OneSat responds to future challenges by enabling the adoption of new technologies while the satellite is in orbit – on a highly dynamic, rolling basis.

The investments in OneSat made by Airbus and its partners are supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and national space agencies – particularly those from France and the UK.

Inmarsat: OneSat’s first customer 

In 2019, Airbus signed a contract to produce Inmarsat’s next generation of geostationary Ka-band satellites – Inmarsat GX7, GX8 & GX9 – which are the first three to be based on the OneSat product line.

Featuring on-board processing and active antennas, these Ka-band spacecraft will deliver power and bandwidth dynamically in real-time to adapt to Inmarsat’s requirements to provide HTS (High Throughput Satellite) broadband connectivity for the mobility market.

An infographic highlighting key operational benefits of Airbus’ OneSat satellite platform.

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OneSat Intelsat SDS    
OneSat Optus Earth View    
OneSat Optus Artist view    
Artist View OneSat Satellite Deployed In Space    
OneSat 3 Products Telecom Airbus    
2 New OneSats      
Airbus firma un contrato multisatélite con Intelsat para satélites flexibles OneSat    
Airbus unterzeichnet Multi-Satelliten-Vertrag mit Intelsat für flexible OneSat-Satelliten    
Airbus signe un contrat avec Intelsat pour deux satellites flexibles OneSat    
Airbus signs multi-satellite contract with Intelsat for OneSat flexible satellites    
Airbus signs contract with Optus for OneSat     
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