Airbus becomes an enabler for low-Earth orbit technology demonstrations

Airbus becomes an enabler for low-Earth orbit technology demonstrations

IODA Project: In-Orbit demonstration by Airbus - ESA Pioneer Programme

Service Mission Provider: In-Orbit demonstration by Airbus


“New space” entrepreneurs of will be able to validate and de-risk their service and mission concepts

A “one-stop shop” for the demonstration of new services and proof-of-concept technologies is now available from Airbus through a multi-mission, low cost and high-performance enabler capability in low-Earth orbit.

With the IODA SMP service (the acronym for In-Orbit Demonstration by Airbus), the company is serving as a Space Mission Provider – accommodating customer payloads on Low-Earth Orbiting satellites. To do so, Airbus is using a cost-efficient, multi-mission approach that shares resources aboard the satellite platform, as well as in the ground segment.

IODA was developed through the European Space Agency’s ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) Pioneer programme, which promotes the exploration of innovative concepts for ground-breaking satellite communications products and services. This includes facilitating the emergence of space mission enablers – among them, Airbus and its IODA project – to provide timely and cost-effective access to space opportunities for public and private customers. 

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ArrOW, a product derived from the OneWeb platform

Building on Airbus’ expertise gained through its development of the One Web constellation, the SMP offers affordable and flexible flight opportunities based on a cost-effective platform called ArrOW. Payloads of up to 50 kg can be accommodated on board this platform, which is optimised for multimission demonstration purposes.

The corresponding satellites benefit from the electric propulsion and have external dimensions of 850 x 750 x 200 mm. Average supplied power is 200 Watts (depending on orbit, altitude and season), with a data storage capacity of up to 32 GBytes.

The SMP Core service covers platform manufacturing, satellite integration and testing, satellite control and in-orbit operations, along with mission data management. Optional services include a comprehensive offering with co-engineering and engineering support services, covering end-to-end sizing for the system, the payload architecture, the definition and implementation of algorithms, as well as payload procurement, manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing services. Completing the offer are flexible launch opportunities. 



o   Airbus Defence & Space – Claude LORDA – IODA Program Manager,

o   ESA – Khalil KABLY – ESA Pioneer Manager,

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