Solar arrays, power conversion and processing

Solar arrays, power conversion and processing

Airbus empowers customers' missions

As a leading European manufacturer of power solutions, Airbus has vast experience in providing turnkey solar arrays, photovoltaic assemblies and solar cell assemblies for institutional and commercial applications. The company also offers a full range of electronics - including power control units, power processing units for electric propulsion and electric power conditioners.

Airbus Defence And Space Solar Arrays

  • From single units to mass production; all applications, environments and configurations at the level of turn-key solar arrays, photo voltaic assembly and solar cells assembly
  • Proven heritage: Airbus' solar arrays have powered space flight for over 40 years in over 300 programs
  • One-stop shop: mitigates customers' supply chain risk since all key solar array competences are “in-house”
  • Airbus has also developped a dedicated SmallSats solar arrays offer called "Sparkwing"


Discover Airbus' Solar Array solutions.

Power conditioning and distribution units

  • Unregulated power subsystems for low-Earth orbit missions
  • Modular design: easy combination of qualified modules to suit customer needs
  • More than 90 units delivered


Airbus’ modular power conditioning and distribution units are designed for missions in low Earth orbit.


EVO is a state-of-the-art PCDU product based on a flexible modular concept, developed in the framework of the Myriade-Evolution platform. It is the solution of choice for applications within a wide range of power and offers in one unit both major functionalities of an Electrical Power System.


Airbus’ modular power conditioning and distribution units are designed for missions in low Earth orbit.

Electric propulsion electronics

  • Gridded Ion Thrusters (GIT)
  • Hall Effect Thrusters (HET)
  • HEMP
  • T6 Ion Thruster


A digital rendering of Airbus’ Elektro power processing unit (PPU) for hall effect thrusters.

Power converters

Electrical power conditioner: HECO HD40

High efficiency power converter for:

  • 60-90 WRF GaN Solid State Power Amplifier
  • Low Noise Amplifier

Large series production capability e.g. EPC for SSPA

Main application fields:

  • S, L, C-band SSPA for SatCom and GNSS applications
  • Any 60-90 WRF power GaN SSPA
A close-up view of an 60-90 WRF GaN solid state power amplifier for space applications.

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