Launcher products

Launcher products

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Without Airbus technology, the Ariane launcher cannot leave the ground. We develop launcher electronics and designed the Interstage 1/2 of the Vega rocket and the engine thrust frame for Ariane 5, and we are also involved in the future Ariane 6 launcher. From the design and development to testing and production in series, we possess the knowledge needed.

Our In orbit heritage:


Airbus delivers key avionic equipment for European launchers and is already preparing the technologies foreseeably needed by the next generation of launchers.

A strong experience that can be measured by:

  • More than 25 years of experience in Launcher Electronics
  • High performance for value
  • Integration, modularity and flexibility
  • High volume manufacturing capability
  • More than 500 FMs delivered

Click here for more information about Airbus' launcher electronics


  • First stage/second stage interstages for the Ariane 1 to Ariane 4 launcher versions
  • First stage/second Vega interstage
  • Ariane 5 booster recovery system
  • Engine frames:
  • Third stage engine frame for Ariane 1 to Ariane 4 launcher versions (140 shipsets delivered)
  • Ariane 5 main engine frame (95 shipsets delivered)

CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT LAUNCHER STRUCTURES (ie.: launcher interstages, secondary payload structures, engine frames)

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