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Platform electronics

Platform electronics

Onboard computers


The new-generation platform onboard computer

  • Versatile, compact and powerful platform onboard computer for any satellite application
  • All the core functions of a platform computer on a single chip: LEON 3-FT core, TM/TC interface, digital I/Os and memory management
  • OSCAR unit has been flight proven on the SPOT6 satellite since September 2012, and selected for more than 15 low-Earth orbit satellites
Avionics Obc Oscar
Icde Ng Gallery 01 868x579


(Integrated Control and Data Equipment - Next Generation)
  • ERC32 processor (up to 16 MIPS), high memory capability including in-flight programmable EEPROM
  • Modular box architecture, enabling flexibility for I/Os and optional integration of the Airbus DS Mosaic GNSS receiver into the same mechanical housing
  • Operational in orbit on multiple satellites since 2007

PureLine Amethyst

PureLine Amethyst, a centralized avionics with onboard computer offering capabilities for TM/TC, GPS receiver, delivery of secondary voltages, interface to AOCS sensors and actuators (STR/SADM/MTQ…), and SW time-and-space partitioning capability.
Pureline Obc

Platform data handling and interface unit

RIU remote interface unit

  • Redundant unit in one box
  • Modular configuration based on qualified modules
  • Flight proven onboard three AS250 platforms
Riu Gallery 01 1500x1000

System-on-chip, hybrids and components

A full range of components to be mounted on customers' equipment:

  • SCOC3 ASIC offers all the core functions of a platform computer on a single chip based on a LEON 3-FT core: TM/TC interface, digital I/Os and memory management
  • MIL-STD-1553B ADT822 transceiver and ASP55 remote terminal RT ASIC 1553B ASIC
  • MIL-STD-1553B dual transceiver and remote terminal coupler in hybrid technology

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