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GNSS receivers

GNSS receivers

Multi-constellation LION 1000 series

New generation LION navigator

  • Offers a compact solution for very high performance and reliability thanks to its multi-constellation and multi-frequency features
  • LION 1300 is designed for L1/L2C/L5 GPS signals, E1/E5a/E5b Galileo signals, as well as Glonass and Compass open signals
  • Based on AGGA-4 ASIC core, bringing together a modern GNSS baseband processor, a LEON-FT as a fault-tolerant microprocessor with FPU, an FFT module and digital interfaces (1553, UART, SpW) on a single chip


A new space GNSS

Airbus’s LEOPARD Navigation Unit is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) that belongs to the Airbus New Space PureLine product family.

  • LEOPARD delivers position, velocity and time to Low Earth Orbit satellites and also supporting an optional star tracker. This new navigation unit is fully based on flight-proven hardware, and takes advantage of previous GNSS receiver experience at Airbus, in particular with our MosaicGNSS and LION GNSS receiver products.
  • Airbus GNSS receivers have over 15 years in-orbit heritage and more than 100 cumulated years in orbit on a global set of missions and orbits.
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