Ariane 6 

Ariane 6 

Europe’s New Way to Space

After the historic decision taken by European Space Agency (ESA) member states in 2014 to develop the new-generation Ariane 6 launcher, ESA signed a contract with the ArianeGroup joint venture of Airbus and Safran to produce this launch vehicle in two versions: the Ariane 62 and 64.

Building on the successful Ariane 5 launcher family, Ariane 6 in its two configurations is a new family of competitive, versatile, efficient, and reliable launchers. This will not only guarantee Europe independent access to space, but also allows competitiveness on the commercial market.

Ariane 6 in brief

  • 12 participating countries: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Romania and Norway.
  • Up to 12 launches per year.

Ariane 6 is the latest addition to one of the most reliable launcher families!

One launcher – two configurations

© Airbus Safran Launchers    
Ariane 26 January 2016


© Airbus Safran Launchers

© ArianeGroup

Ariane 6, in its two versions (A62 and A64), will be able to meet the expectations of the satellite launch market, deploying spacecraft of both average and heavy masses in space.

ArianeGroup is using its know-how for next-generation European launchers, through the mastery of all the skills required for manufacturing launcher components.


The creation of ArianeGroup opened a new chapter in the history of the launcher industry. Reflecting the joint ambition of Airbus and ArianeGroup to boost the European space industry to unscaled heights, the company is developing innovative and competitive solutions by uniting the strengths of two leading contributors to modern launch vehicles.

ArianeGroup is equally owned, combining Airbus Defence and Space’s expertise in launchers (especially in France and Germany), and Safran’s expertise in liquid and solid rocket propulsion.

The goal of ArianeGroup is to provide comprehensive, advantageous solutions in this increasingly competitive market, based on a family of versatile, high-performance, cost-competitive launchers that meet the needs of both government and commercial customers.


Ariane 5

Ariane 6

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