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In its initial four variants, the European Ariane 1-4 launcher versions placed half of the world’s commercial satellites into orbit. Their successor, the Ariane 5, has performed more than 100 launches.

The 50% Airbus/Safran subsidiary – ArianeGroup – created in 2015, brings together combined technology expertise and offers innovative, highly competitive solutions for civil and military launch vehicles and space applications. The goal of ArianeGroup is to provide comprehensive, advantageous solutions in the increasingly competitive launch services market, based on a family of versatile, high-performance, cost-competitive launchers that meet the needs of both government and commercial customers.

Ariane 5  

Ariane 5

A major element in Europe’s unrestricted and independant access to space

Ariane 6  

Ariane 6

Europe’s new way to space


The creation of ArianeGroup opened a new chapter in the history of the launcher industry: reflecting the joint ambition of Airbus and Safran to boost the European space industry to unscaled heights. This new company develops innovative and competitive solutions by uniting the strengths of two leading contributors to modern launch vehicles.

In December 2014, the European Space Agency (ESA) signed a contract with ArianeGroup for the development of the Ariane 6 launcher in its two versions, Ariane 62 and 64. The company is using its know-how for next-generation European launchers; Ariane 6 will be able to meet the expectations of the satellite launch market.

ArianeGroup is equally owned, combining Airbus Defence and Space’s expertise in launchers, and Safran’s expertise in liquid and solid rocket propulsion.

Earth observation

Telecom Satellites

Human spaceflight


Satellite navigation

Space exploration

Space Data Highway

Spacecraft Equipment

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