Test services

Test services

Airbus, a strategic partner

Airbus is the European leader in environmental testing solutions. It is one of the four European test centres coordinated and approved by the European Space Agency (ESA) to carry out tests.

Airbus provides a full range of testing services to lead organisations around the world. Airbus teams are acting through all the phases of a test campaign from design and engineering, to execution and analytical services and operate one of the ESA-coordinated European Test centres in Toulouse.

Airbus provides its customers with a large range of services, including test facilities engineering, test administration services, quality test execution, as well as assembly, integration and testing (AIT) centre development.


A satellite undergoes evaluations inside one of Airbus’ European environmental test centres.

Track Records

3 test centres operated in Europe
60 years of experience (more than 350 satellites tested)
The European leader in space testing
23 AIT centres development supported by Airbus around the world

Airbus testing portfolio

Airbus is a leader in environmental testing services for spacecraft, with three facilities across Europe.

Testing services

Airbus, as a leading provider of environmental testing services, proposes a large range of environmental test facilities allowing the accommodation of small equipment (less than 1 kg) up to large system (10 tonnes). Airbus is acting in the space, aeronautics, defence markets. All test facilities are under one roof and easily accessible. We cover the following testing field in: Mechanical Tests (vibration, acoustic, shock and physical properties measurement), Thermal Tests (thermal vacuum, climatic, sun simulation, etc.), EMC/RF Tests, Metrology and Contamination, and Test Engineering (specific set-up, facility modification, MGSE design, etc.)

A computer rendering of a futuristic spacecraft test centre developed with guidance and support from Airbus.

Test centre and test facility development

Airbus provides its customer with a large range of technical services, from consulting services up to the turn-key supply, for: AIT centre development, test facility engineering and supply, test facility upgrade and training. Airbus is acting through all the project phases from the definition of the needs, design, supplier monitoring, on-site installation, training to the operational qualification and support during the first test. Airbus has a unique track record worldwide, with the support of the development of 23 AIT centres around the world.

An engineer reviews data analyses generated by Airbus’ DynaWorks® software, which is used in many business sectors around the world.


In partnership with Airbus Defence and Space engineering team, Airbus has developed and made available to all customers the software DynaWorks® for data analysis and management. It also includes real time and post processing with data analysis toolboxes (signal processing, modal analysis, etc.) DynaWorks® is strategic software used in over 300 locations worldwide in France, China, India, South Korea and the U.S. in many sectors: space, aeronautics, defence, automotive and energy.

An Airbus specialist performs a spacecraft checkout as part of the company’s test services.

AIT centre/facility operation

In addition to the testing services, Airbus provides its customers with a range of additional services, including the AIT centre and test facility operation, maintenance and marketing.

Tests and engineering training plan 2018

Environmental test performances are very specific. Based on its know-how and experience built on more than 40 years of space test centre operation, Airbus Defence and Space proposes a training methodology to guarantee the full operation and efficiency of a test centre and associated test facilities. All the different aspects of a space test centre are proposed, from the management to the detailed operation, talking about the reasons for testing and the description of the necessary associated facilities. To fit customers’ special needs, dedicated customised training can also be built on request.


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