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Situational Awareness

Shaping the way for superior operational support

Offering comprehensive solutions to improve situational awareness in societies.

Faster response through better operational picture

Cities and societies are becoming increasingly more connected and complex. The methods guaranteeing citizen safety and operational efficiency for public safety authorities and critical national infrastructures therefore need to evolve continuously with the latest technologies.


Superior operational support can be reached by:

  • Gathering trusted data from various sources securely
  • Processing and analysing the data efficiently with the latest technologies
  • Sharing right information at a right time with right target operations, groups and  professionals
  • Helping timely and fast decision-making
  • Enabling acting and collaborating in the most efficient and secure way
Transportation and communication network concept.

Superior operational support helps to safeguard people, territories and infrastructures. Optimised deployment and improved agility in highly secured environments form the basis on which the operational efficiency can be increased with trusted data analytics and artificial intelligence. This requires solutions to work together seamlessly and, above all, it requires uncompromised cyber resiliency and secure connectivity to ensure that the right data and intelligence is provided to the right users.

The scope of situation aware­ness in the field and in the command and control rooms is changing as new aspects arise from more complex operating environments excessively loaded with data and cyber-crime. With Airbus solutions, complexity turns into clarity as customers reach a network of trusted insights helping them pinpoint the information they need in an ocean of data, in a secure and efficient way. With rapidly available trusted data, challenges can be responded faster and more safely.

Highly secure and reliable critical collaboration solutions of Airbus are designed for pro­fessionals who need superior operational support. Airbus solutions permit professionals to make the right decisions in a timely manner, take actions faster, thus securing citizens, societies and infrastructures.



Situational Awareness

Secure Connectivity

Cyber Security


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