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The family grows (1988-1991)

Airbus built on its success with development of the A330 and A340 aircraft.

How is an aircraft built

An Airbus jetliner is the product of highly-efficient cooperation.

Delivering to the customer

The delivery phase for an Airbus jetliner is spread over four or five days.

Final assembly and tests

Airbus has final assembly lines in France, Germany, China and the U.S.

Transport of major aircraft sections

Airbus has a transportation system to airlift sections of its jetliners.

Design offices and engineering centres

Airbus relies on a network of regional facilities for design & engineering.


The A220-100: Purpose-built to serve the 100-135 seat jetliner segment.

Test programme and certification

Airbus aircraft undergo rigorous flight test and certification campaigns.


Airbus-built freighters fulfil a full range of cargo lift requirements.


Airbus’ production organisation manages industrial activities.

A220 Family

A220-State-of-the-art 100-150-seat jetliners join Airbus’ single-aisle line-up.

Preparing the future (2009-2010)

Airbus celebrated four decades of innovation and success in 2009.


The A220-300 was specifically designed for the 130-160 seat jetliner market.

Airbus in Russia

Russia is important to Airbus as a market and source of partnerships.

First order, first flight (1970-1972)

The A300's first order and first flight were major achievements for Airbus.

Previous Generation Aircraft

Previous Generation Airbus jetliners continue to be reliable in service.


The A300-600 is a benchmark for performance, reliability and profitability.


Airbus prioritizes commonality throughout its families of modern jetliners.

Technology and Innovation

Airbus applies technologies that provide real benefits for stakeholders.

A350 XWB Family

The widebody A350 XWB was designed with passengers and airlines at heart.

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