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Airbus Urban Mobility

At Airbus, we believe urban air mobility has the power to transform our cities for the better. By offering a sustainable alternative to ground transportation, it will help to reduce CO2 emissions and better link cities and regions. As urban transport heads into the third dimension—the sky, sustainable city growth will become possible and loved ones will no longer be quite so far away.

Airbus UTM

If autonomous aviation systems are to reach their full potential, the rules under which aircraft fly, the way airspace is configured and the services that manage airspace must also adapt to incorporate autonomy. At Airbus UTM, we are committed to ensuring our future airspace remains as safe tomorrow as it is today.

Vehicle demonstrators

Our vehicle demonstrators enable us to define a path for the future generation of aerial vehicles. We are currently developing and testing two electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) demonstrators that are designed to be fully autonomous and emission-free.


Innovation happens when great ideas, people and challenges intersect. Discover how Airbus makes these intersections happen to positively impact our world.


Voom is a convenient, reliable and affordable helicopter booking platform that enables travellers to fly over traffic quickly and easily. At Voom, we provide easy and affordable urban air travel in the world’s most congested cities.

City integration

Urban air mobility has the potential to make cities more liveable for communities worldwide. By actively inviting citizens and other stakeholders to become co-creators of future mobility solutions, we aim to shape the next era of urban mobility in a safe and sustainable manner.

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