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Shaping the future of European Aerospace industry with the Future Combat Air System

Satellite navigation

Airbus is a global space industry leader in satellite navigation.

Airbus in Germany

Germany is home to some of Airbus’ largest and most important operations.

Airbus in the U.S.

Airbus is the largest export company for the U.S. aerospace industry.


Read about key achievements of Airbus’ helicopter division from 2008-2011.

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Airbus and Dassault Aviation sign Joint Concept Study contract for Future Combat Air System

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Airbus celebrates opening of the world’s first Zephyr Solar High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite operating site

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Urban Air Mobility – the sky is yours

Airbus demonstrates manned-unmanned teaming for future air combat systems

Teamwork of the future

Airbus Perlan Mission II glider soars to 76,000 feet to break own altitude record, surpassing even U-2 reconnaissance plane


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