Space to the rescue

From climate protection to disaster relief, space technologies help address today’s most pressing issues

Humankind has always been fascinated by space flight. It symbolises boundlessness and exploration like no other endeavour. In fact, space activities aim not only to explore space, but also to improve life on Earth today.

Fiji Spot 7 Satellite Imagery

Many of the hallmarks of modern life that we now take for granted – such as the internet or smartphones, positioning and navigation or precise weather forecasts – are only possible due to space technologies. At the same time, space helps us cope with many of today’s most urgent challenges, such as migration, security and climate change.

Space saves lives

By predicting the weather and helping rescue teams coordinate during disasters, satellites for earth observation, communication and navigation save lives in rescue missions around the world, essential particularly when other solution has been damaged or destroyed…

Space connects us

Satellites bring humanity closer together. They allow people, cultures and companies to communicate with each other, from urban centres to the remotest corners of the world, particularly of added value for e-leaning, and e medicine.

Space keeps us safe

European space technologies offer better security, defend against terrorism and safeguard Europe’s borders, terrestrial and maritime.

Space protects our climate

Understanding and predicting the weather is a key factor in understanding our environment, and accurate numerical weather models are needed to help predict our changing climate. Meteorology satellites enhance meteorological knowledge, weather forecast and climate change monitoring. In addition, most of the ECV (Essential Climate Variable) are monitored by space sensors

Space keeps us moving

Satellite navigation systems guide traffic on land, water and in the air. They reduce congestion, improve mobility and enable global trade flows. Galileo, Europe’s biggest infrastructure project, is the world’s most precise satellite navigation system, and makes travelling safer and more efficient.

Space advances science

From medicine and biology to robotics and material science, research in space allows science and thus humanity to progress. The International Space Station is of outstanding value in this regard.

Political support for space is indispensable

As these examples show, the European space sector is among the most advanced in the world and is crucial in addressing society’s most pressing issues. Now, it is more important than ever to safeguard Europe’s competitiveness in space technology and its independent access to space. The upcoming ESA ministerial conference in 2022 will be the next important milestone. 
The complementary outstanding support and involvement of the EU both in bn€ programs and in the European Space strategy, the specific European Space industrial policy, and the economic diplomacy, are decisive to reinforce the competitiveness of the European space industry. Industry expects that the next EU budget under preparation should extend its support : as much of the interconnected global economy depends on space technology, both combined ESA and EU actions coupled with national space investments are the main roots to prepare the growth of this strategic sector, resulting in significant direct employment. 


In Europe, Airbus is the top satellite industrial player. It has a world leading position in manufacturing and export of Earth observation satellite systems is has a leading role in the access to space via its affiliate company ArianeGroup. With cutting-edge design, production and testing capabilities covering the full portfolio of space activities, Airbus is one of the world leader to design, develop and operate major space systems. 



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Space to the rescue

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