Defending Europe's leadership: 11th Conference on European Space Policy

Europe’s leadership in space is at the crossroads. The 11th Conference on European Space Policy is setting the scene for a year that will determine whether Europe can remain a leader in space. Crucial decisions will then be taken at the EU level within the framework of the European Space Regulation and at the ESA ministerial conference in November.

Time to face space

The 11th Conference on European Space Policy will be held on 22-23 January in Brussels. On the agenda will be the discussion on how Europe can maintain its leadership role. Space shapes our daily life: it keeps us safe and secure, and guarantees wealth and freedom. With space becoming almost all-encompassing, the conference will cover a wide range of topics, such as cyber defence, climate management, artificial intelligence, and digitalisation.

How can Europe become a leader in space?

Europe needs to strengthen its role in space. This is not only a question of exploring a new frontier, but a question of European sovereignty as well as internal and external security. This is evident in the conference’s high-level speakers. These include the European Commission, Members of European Parliament, industry stakeholders, and representatives from national and European space agencies.

Airbus is at the heart of Europe’s space policy

Ariane 5 guarantees Europe’s independent access to space

A global leader in the space industry, Airbus takes part in every aspect of European space technology. With the Ariane launcher, the Galileo navigation system, and several climate monitoring satellites, Airbus is a key contributor to Europe’s success in space. Against a backdrop of accelerating innovation, Airbus will outline its rapid progress in space technology and the company’s contribution to Europe’s leadership in space. Airbus is also in the process to integrate space data in its product portfolio.

A crucial year for space

Europe needs a strong ESA and EU institutions which fully commit to space in the short and long run. Decisions need to be taken now, and a sustainable, attainable and reliable road map for Europe’s future is paramount to safeguard Europe’s leadership role in space.

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