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ILA – Innovation and Leadership from Airbus

ILA Berlin stands for Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace. As a global innovation-leader, Airbus has introduced its newest technology from the 25th to the 29th of April in Germany's capital. In the coming years, these technologies will be crucial in contributing to Europe's connectivity and security capabilities, as well as to emissions and noise reduction.

High-level political visitors attended, given the political and strategic importance of the sector. ILA Berlin 2018 was formally opened by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Through the course of her visit, the Chancellor experienced the innovations and newest technologies in the aerospace industry.

High-ranking guests from France, the partner country of ILA Berlin 2018, attended. The arrival of German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen and her French counterpart Florence Parly together in an Airbus A400M created an impressive picture of the Franco-German partnership.

This year, Airbus is again the biggest commercial exhibitor. Airbus introduced the 150,000 visitors to the ILA to an array of ground-breaking innovations on the ground as well as in the sky:

Reducing emissions with A340 BLADE - The Airbus test aircraft BLADE (Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe) significantly reduces air resistance with its revolutionary laminar wings. The wings were modified in order to analyse new aerodynamic concepts for laminar flow as part of the European research programme Clean Sky. The innovation will reduce future aircraft emissions and fuel burn.

Independence thanks to Ariane 6 - An impressive marker of the ILA Space Pavilion is an 18-meter high model of the European launcher with a scale of 1:4. Additionally, two original Ariane 5 engines will be on display. The Ariane programme secures Europe's independent access to space.

The CityAirbus programme has reached another important milestone: the completion and “power on” of the “iron bird” ground test facility in Taufkirchen, Germany.

Progress with CityAirbus - A model of a battery-powered electric aircraft for the passenger transport of the future will be on display. It can take-off and land vertically and should, in a later version, fly autonomously. CityAirbus will be designed to transport up to four people over congested mega-cities in a fast, affordable and environmentally-friendly way. The first flight is planned for December 2018.

Solar energy with Zephyr - The solar-powered unmanned drone with a 25-meter wingspan, that can remain in the sky for a week without the need for stopovers, could become an alternative to commercial satellites.

Saving lives with Racer - the future high-speed helicopter. A model of the helicopter will be on display at the booth of the European Clean Sky Programme.  An innovative "box wing" design, designed for aerodynamic efficiency, will provide lift in cruise mode while protecting passengers during ground operations from the 'pusher' lateral rotors designed to generate thrust in forward flight. Racer imagines new possibilities, including for medical emergencies and rescue missions.


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