A220-300, A319neo, A330-900, A350-1000, A380 ainsi que le BelugaXL

Towards the Single European Sky


Urban Air Mobility

Why the future of flying is closer than you might think

Airbus’ use of “smart glasses” – an innovative application of 3D technology developed in a teaming between the company and Accenture – is being extended to flight test equipment installation on A330neo jetliners

Investing in Europe's future

More investments in research and technology are needed to secure highly-skilled jobs and the EU's position as a global innovation leader

Airbus’ A320 MSN001 flight-test aircraft conducts latest “i4D” flight trials with SESAR members


The digitalisation of aviation

How an EU project turbocharges a new generation of helicopters
BLADE is organized through Europe’s Clean Sky aeronautical research program and won the prestigious 2018 Aviation Week Laureates Award for Commercial, Technology. The BLADE project involves 21 European partners with 500 contributors, including GKN Aerospace: designer of the starboard laminar flow wing panel, and Saab: designer of the port wing segment

Clean Sky

A research powerhouse for greener aircraft

Data revolution in aviation
The aviation industry is now entering into its next revolution: connected, fully-digital aviation
The E-Thrust concept can be described as a serial hybrid propulsion system.

Electric flight

3D Printing

3D printing

Like Gutenberg’s printing press over 500 years ago, 3D printing could have far reaching consequences for Europe

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