NATO Summit: Europe needs a strong alliance in a changing world

A strong NATO is essential in today's geopolitical environment. The upcoming NATO Summit should reinstate a strong and united transatlantic alliance, supported by a deepening of defence cooperation in the EU.

An Airbus A400M aircraft, specifically designed to meet the harmonised needs of European NATO nations

The 2018 NATO Summit, which will take place on 11-12 July at the organisation’s headquarters in Brussels, comes at a time of strained transatlantic relations. More than ever, it is vital for the EU and NATO to work together towards common goals.

Aim: calm transatlantic tensions

The 2018 NATO Summit should seek to boost NATO-EU cooperation and de-escalate current tensions over trade. Another contentious issue has been funding. European contributions to NATO missions and operations have actually increased over the last four years. The NATO Summit should recognise these achievements and encourage further commitments in order to reach the target of devoting 2% of each country's GDP to defence.

A stronger EU means a stronger NATO

No one wins by threatening allies with a trade war. But these threats underline that there is an urgent need for closer cooperation in Europe. A strong EU and a strong NATO are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary: a closer cooperation in defence among EU member states would strengthen the transatlantic alliance.

Our commitment

Airbus believes that a strong NATO is essential in today's geopolitical environment, and that everything should be done to preserve the alliance from any threat. If Europe can provide adequate funding, enhance military mobility and simplify cross-border coordination, the EU and NATO can work towards a more efficient and effective defence network for the benefit of all members.

Futureproofing the alliance also means adopting the newest technologies. While the A400M has already contributed significantly to Europe's air transport capabilities, Airbus will look to enlarge its cooperation with NATO on projects involving digitalisation, artificial intelligence and other "disruptive" technologies.



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