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In a nutshell

May 2019

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury at DGAP

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury at DGAP (Copyright: DGAP/Dirk Enters)

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury speaks about Europe's future and sustainability at DGAP in Berlin.  

On the occasion of Europe Day on 9 May, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury has delivered his first speech in Berlin following his appointment in April. Guillaume Faury spoke at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) about Europe’s challenges and opportunities.

The new Airbus CEO — who delivered his remarks in German — emphasised the continued importance of Europe for generations to come.

Apr 2019

Hamburg's First Mayor visits Airbus at the AIX

Hamburg's First Mayor Dr. Peter Tschentscher visits Airbus at the AIX

Hamburg's First Mayor, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, got to know the latest innovations from Airbus at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), including the A320 Airspace Cabin with extra-large luggage storage compartments and the innovative Airbus Connected Experience platform.

At the beginning of April, the most important aircraft cabin innovations were presented at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX). Hamburg's First Mayor, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, was impressed by Airbus’ cabin innovations. In particular, the Airbus Connected Experience was met with great interest. This platform links the core elements of the aircraft cabin in real time, including the galley, trolleys, seats and luggage compartments. Passengers can now personalise their flight experience. For example, they can pre-order food based on individual preference prediction. Airlines are also seeing new opportunities for predictive maintenance and more efficient resource management.

In addition, Dr. Tschentscher was intrigued by the A320 Airspace cabin. With extra-large luggage compartments, this new cabin provides additional passenger extra-large storage space and numerous airline options to customise the cabin accordingly. For example, the LED lighting can be adjusted, further improving the flying experience.

During his visit, Dr. Peter Tschentscher highlighted the importance of Airbus for Hamburg and Germany. Every sixth aircraft worldwide comes from Hamburg and every new aircraft contains high-tech made in Germany. Airbus plays a central role for Germany as an industrial hub and secures prosperity in Europe. Hamburg is a key pillar for this.

Feb 2019

Minister President of Bavaria visits Airbus in Ottobrunn

Minister President of Bavaria Dr Markus Söder at Airbus in Ottobrunn

The Minister President of Bavaria, Dr Markus Söder, visited the Airbus site in Ottobrunn and emphasised the importance of aerospace for Bavaria and Germany.

To mark the beginning of the building of the Industry 4.0 factory in Ottobrunn, the Minister President of Bavaria, Dr Markus Söder, has visited the Airbus site. This factory of the future enables the automatisation and digitalisation of production of solar arrays for satellites. This includes science satellites like Europa Clipper or Juice as well as numerous satellite constellations.

With approximately 2,500 employees, Ottobrunn is one of the most important Airbus sites and a crucial economic factor in the region. A broad range of components are manufactured at the Airbus plant, including solar generators (solar panels), which produce electric energy for manned and unmanned space systems. Airbus is now investing 15 million Euros in the site. Processing time and costs will be halved through new automated assembly lines. This strengthens the competitiveness of Airbus and the whole region.

Minister President Dr Markus Söder is certain that the site is best-equipped for the times ahead: “Airbus knows: technology is the futue.”

Sept 2018

Hamburg’s First Mayor visits Airbus

Dr. Klaus Richter, Chairman of the Board of Airbus in Germany, and Dr. Peter Tschentscher, First Mayor of the City of Hamburg, in Finkenwerder

Dr. Peter Tschentscher has visited the Airbus plant in Hamburg and highlighted the importance of the site during this inaugural visit.

Every sixth aircraft in the world is delivered by Airbus in Hamburg. With more than 300 companies and over 42,000 employees, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the third largest site of the civil aviation industry in the world. The opening of the fourth assembly line for the A320 family last June was an important step on the way to the factory of the future. It reinforces one of the most important aerospace locations of the country, which will be able to produce an additional 10 aircraft per month in the future.

During his inaugural visit, the First Mayor highlighted the importance of the aviation industry in Hamburg. “The targeted networking of science and economy at the site makes Hamburg the Silicon Valley of aviation in Europe,” said Dr. Tschentscher.

March 2018

Airbus Berlin Reception: Dialogue on the future of aviation

20 junior employees of our Airbus family, so called „Young Ambassadors“ were present to welcome our guests and guided them through the evening's program

How do digital technologies change aviation? What do the mobility concepts of the future look like? And how does Europe have to position itself to be optimally prepared for defence policy challenges? Airbus discussed this and other issues with high-ranking guests from politics, business and research at the Airbus Berlin Reception on March 20, 2018.

Airbus CEO Tom Enders welcomed the guests with an insight into the current topics of aerospace. At the top of the list is the current trade dispute between the US and the EU. "What I feel is missing so far is a big hit from the European side," says Enders. He called digitisation the most important topic of the future. A technological race has broken out. "We’re already well on the way here, but it will be important for politics to create the right framework conditions." With regard to Franco-German relations, Enders said: "We are ready to fight for the integration of Europe day and night."

Representing the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Bareiß addressed the guests with a speech in which he emphasised the strategic importance of the industry for Germany and Europe. "As a ministry, we support industry like hardly any other," said Bareiß. "And we will work hard to ensure that Airbus can continue to play its important role in the future."

Moreover, the event provided a wonderful setting to thank the former German Federal Minister and Federal Government Coordinator for Aerospace, Brigitte Zypries, for her commitment over recent years. Zypries paid tribute to the Airbus’ efforts. "I'd like to thank Airbus for taking the issue of CSR seriously," said Zypries.

With the event, Airbus once again underscored the importance of Germany as a location for the aerospace industry. As the industry's largest employer and a driving force in terms of innovation, Airbus makes a special contribution.

The Airbus Berlin Reception put the next generation in the spotlight. In this vein, Airbus presented a donation of 10,000 euros to the Germany national mentoring program "ROCK YOUR LIFE". The program trains students to become mentors who volunteer to help students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, economically disadvantaged backgrounds or marginalised family backgrounds to choose a job or a high school, and thus improve their educational opportunities.

The evening welcomed 20 young ambassadors. The young ambassadors, all junior staff members of the Airbus family, welcomed the guests, steered the evening programme and presented the "ROCK YOUR LIFE" CSR programme.


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Guest Contribution - Interview done by BDI with Alexander Reinhardt

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