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09 June 2020
09. June 2020 Company

Airbus CEO Statement on French "Plan de relance"

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Toulouse, 9 June 2020 – "Facing an unprecedented crisis, we at Airbus are doing all we can to ensure the future of our company and the aerospace ecosystem.

We thank our governmental partners who have supported the aerospace sector since the beginning of the crisis either through direct support to airlines and suppliers, or through partial unemployment schemes.

We welcome the strong plan announced today by the French government. It represents an important milestone for both our commercial aircraft business, which is facing a significant reduction in production of around 40%, as well as for our defence businesses which protect national sovereignty.

In the face of a significant reduction in commercial aircraft production we need to continue to act quickly and this plan will help us to mitigate the short-term impacts, while allowing for the protection of key technologies and critical skills to ensure we can rebound when the time is right.

The research and technology component of this plan will serve as a strong and much needed accelerator in the transition towards the decarbonisation of air transport. Airbus will continue its leading role in the mission to present the first "zero emission" commercial aircraft by 2035.

In parallel, the Investment Fund targeted in July 2020 is designed to support the overall ecosystem. Airbus, as part of GIFAS, is contributing close to 120 million euros and appreciates the government’s commitment to match fund the 200 million euros from the 4 companies Dassault, Thales, Safran and Airbus. With additional contributions from private investors, the fund can reach 500 million euros.”

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Guillaume Steuer

Head of Airbus External Communications

Stefan Schaffrath

Head of External Communications - Airbus Commercial Aircraft



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