10 April 2018
10. April 2018 Commercial Aircraft

Airbus launches new Cabin-Flex option for A380 with Qantas

Qantas will be the launch operator of Airbus’ A380 Cabin-Flex configuration, making space available for additional seats on its fleet of double-deck jetliners
A380 Qantas Taking Off    
Airbus launches new Cabin-Flex option for A380 with Qantas    
  • Up to 11 more premium economy seats or seven business class seats
  • To be available in service from 2019

As part of the efficiency-boosting A380 cabin enablers, Airbus has developed a new option: “A380 Cabin-Flex.” This solution consists in a new cabin door area arrangement on the upper-deck, suitable for premium configuration with lower density seat counts, allowing airlines to gain revenue-earning floor-space for extra seating without compromising on passenger comfort. The enhancement is available either for line-fit and retrofit. Qantas has chosen to be the launch operator of the A380 Cabin-Flex on its current A380 fleet from mid-2019.

A380 Cabin-Flex makes available the extra space for additional seats by allowing the upper-deck at “Doors-3” to be deactivated. Compared with current A380 layouts, A380 Cabin-Flex can bring up to 11 more premium economy seats or seven business class seats. In terms of economics, this translates into a typical return-on-investment (RoI) within around one year for the retrofit solution. The option, is therefore a very effective way to increase the premium seat-count in the upper-deck.

The A380 is the world’s largest, most spacious airliner that offers passengers the smoothest, quietest and most comfortable ride. With two full widebody decks, offering widest seats, wide aisles and more floor space, the A380 has the unique capability to generate revenue, stimulate traffic and attract the passengers, who can now specifically select the A380 when booking a flight via the iflyA380.com web site. Today, 223 A380s are operated by 13 airlines on 60 destinations, and 240 airports can accommodate the A380 around the world.

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